What makes laser tag that interesting game? Of course the scenario!
    Outdoor laser tag s advantageously different from many other team games, it the possibility to use a lot of different scenarios and makes it possible to diversify the game, make it more vivid and emotional.
    Outdoor laser tag
    Today we start posting the series of the most popular game scenarios for laser tag that will help you to open the new sides of your laser tag club and will attract more visitors.
    The presence of wide scenario range is favorably affects the laser tag business as it motivates players to play more and come back to your club again and again that will positively affect your club profit earning.
    Use’s additional devices for the laser tag and you will be able to implement any scenario that just comes to your mind.
    In our first article we will tell you about the most common scenarios for playing outdoor laser tag, in which players have to attack their rivals and capture a trophy.

    Capturing a building

    Capturing a building
    The initial position of the players – one team is in the building (in the trench or in the building), while the second (the opponent team) is attacking.
    According to the rules of the game, the defending team is provided with 16 lives and in the middle of the battle the humanitarian regime is activated, which makes it possible to reset the player to 4 lives, but at the same time replenish ammunition for 7 magazines with 30 shots in each (further -7 * 30 = 210 shots).
    The task of the defenders is to hold the building for a certain time. In the case, if at least one player survived after the time ends, the defenders win. Their defeated player leaves the. After that, they can only be in the defense facility. The task of attackers is to capture a building for a certain period of time. They can work with one or two bases in which there is a Utility box. The Utility Box should work only for that team. They also have the right to navigate the entire map. The main feature of the game for the attacking team is that they should always prompt each other.

    Capture the Flag

    Players are divided into two teams and receive their own flag. The main task for each team is protect the flag so the enemy doesn’t capture it. The flag is set on a base of each team. The team must get into the territory of the enemy, pick up the Flag and bring it to their base faster than the enemy does. If the player carrying the flag is “shot” he must leave the flag on the spot where he was “killed” by sticking it into the ground and leaving the game.
    The time of the game, the number of shots and lives can be limited.

    Capture the Domination box

    Capture the Domination box
    Each team can use the third option of the “Medkit” mode called “Radiation”. This mode helps to defeat the enemy by simulating the emission of radiation. The point is that the utility box sends an impulse, which takes away one unit of health from each player in the “kill zone”. At this time, the speaker placed on the case of the laser weapon will make the sound simulating a Geiger counter. In all the other situations the reaction of the weapon will be the same as for the usual hit.
    The “Radiation” mode gives an opportunity to play into the hands of a losing team. It is often used to even the odds and motivation for the further game if you want to cheer up a losing team. Most often this mode is used when children play.
    Capturing the domination box acquires a greater practical meaning and increases the overall motivation of the game.

    Three Domination boxes (for

    The battle occurs immediately against the three Domination Boxes, each of which is set for a different time. Domination boxes are set in the middle of the field parallel to each other. One captured Domination Box (the color of the winning team flashes) is equal to the victory in the scenario. For example, if the teams came to this game by the number of wins in the previous scenarios with a score 5: 4, then the losing team has a chance to tie for a draw capturing two boxes, and when capturing three, break away and win.
    Wins the team that managed to capture or hold as many Domination Boxes as it possible whithing certain period of time.
    There is a great number of laser tag game scenarios. In our further articles, we will share with you new options for the game.
    Watch for publications, use scenarios in your laser tag club and surprise your visitors with new game features!