The last time we were in Orlando in 2017. In 4 years, our world has been incredibly transformed, but one thing remains the same - we continue visiting trade shows and surprising people. Our equipment is still the hottest topic among entertainment entrepreneurs!
    In the last year, more than 30 laser tag clubs have opened in the USA with the LASERTAG.NET equipment. It was a great pleasure for us to personally meet the owners and representatives of the clubs who came to the exhibition and visited our booth.
    Nearly 25,000 people from the United States, South America and Europe attended the show. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs managed to visit our booth and test the equipment - from taggers to VR VION attraction.
    We would like to thank our dealers Bill Adams and Spiros Kodounis for their invaluable help during the show, as well as for their responsiveness and positive attitude! Having joined forces, we were able to pay attention to each visitor of our booth!
    So, what did we surprise attendees with?

    Tagger for kids. Or not?

    Tagger LUX
    We showed our compact FALCON LUX tagger that is designed for children. The new tagger attracted the attention of visitors with the following qualities:
    • Original design and safe body
    • Small dimensions
    • Updated impulse recoil
    • Bright team-colored shot illumination
    We organized a special event for our potential and current customers at the Battleground Orlando Club - Advanced Laser Tag, which is owned by Spiros Kodunis. Special thanks to our partner for the opportunity to show our new products in a "live" format!
    It's funny that four years ago our team visited the same club after the show. Back then it seemed large and unapproachable to us, and now this club uses our equipment, and its staff consult with us on how to organize games.
    At first, everyone got acquainted with each other and then grabbed FALCON LUX taggers and began to play. An experienced instructor controlled the game with a tablet, quickly setting up scenarios and changing game modes one by one.
    The visitors, who were unfamiliar with our devices and the application, immediately realized that the key advantages of our equipment are mobility, ease of use and quick setup.
    While we all were eating pizza and sharing emotions, it turned out that the tagger, which was conceived as a compact solution for children, is also perfectly suitable for adults - the stereotype that "laser tag is a game for kids" was shattered again.

    Reality that impresses

    VR Reality
    Many visitors of our booth first of all wanted to get acquainted with our new VR VION attraction. People who have had a chance to try the attraction note the following benefits:
    • Impulse recoil of the FALCON tagger
    • Unique maps with sound accompaniment
    • Stunning graphics
    • Absence of wires and heavy backpacks on the players' backs
    These qualities of VION VR left no one indifferent. Some visitors came back 3-4 times to try new maps, and one visitor even offered us to use his laser tag club as a showroom for our VR attraction!

    SUPERNOVA explosion

    If you imagine the show taking place on the Dust II map from the Counter Strike video game, our booth was definitely a point B. Visitors were in such a hurry to see our new bomb that it felt like there was a timer running somewhere!
    The opportunity to play games based on the scenario of the iconic video game "Counter-Strike" really appealed to customers, and after a few test " explosions " several visitors immediately placed an order!

    This is shocking!

    The SCORPION shock-band was again the main attraction of our booth. It caused only genuine joy, contrary to the opinion that it can be painful. After experiencing the shock-band, our existing customers decided to complement their clubs by launching the Shock-Fight service.
    As we bid farewell, we would like to thank our partners once again for their help and our visitors for their invaluable feedback. We sincerely enjoy every day at the show, being in the company of like-minded people.
    Of course, we have a lot of work to do, analyzing every feedback in detail, so that we can be even better at the next exhibition and surprise you again. But we are already excited and rushing to create the future today!