LASERTAG.NET at Paintball Extravaganza International trade show

    In the US, LASERTAG.NET is known not only as a manufacturer of laser tag equipment but also for its inflatable paintball bunkers, which are used by professional NXL teams for training and paintball players note the high quality and reliability of the bunkers!
    Extravaganza 2022
    We invite you to visit our booth E35 from February 8-10 at Paintball Extravaganza trade show in Washington, D.C., where you will experience:
    • The compact tagger FALCON LUX, which meets all the desires of our partners to be bright, small, and comfortable for kids.
    • VR-attraction VION, which graphics and realistic sensations have already been appreciated by hundreds of visitors in our VR clubs.
    • The SUPERNOVA Bomb, which brings to the world of laser tag the bomb planting and defusing scenario from the iconic "Counter-Strike" video game.
    • Try out the SCORPION shock band, which adds a realistic wounding feeling, and stand out with the "Shock-Fight" service in your club!
    • GALAXY ECLIPSE arena laser tag kits with unique "Superpower" and "Stop Aggression" features.
    At our booth, you will learn more about the mobile laser tag business, and our turnkey packages, which allow you to develop your business regardless of limitations, conditions, or locations.
    We have also prepared a nice surprise - a concept of our next-generation tagger! You may have already seen its futuristic design on social media, but only at the trade show, you will personally check out its functionality and other cool features.
    See you at Paintball Extravaganza!