Not long ago, the LASERTAG.NET team returned home from a week-long trip to the USA. We went there to exchange experience with our colleagues in the laser tag industry and to find new business partners.

We had been in New York and Florida, two states where paintball and laser tag are impressively very widespread. The trip was full of events – we can’t wait to tell you everything!

New York

Keith di Buono, the founder of the Tactical Laser tag League

Keith di Buono, the founder of the Tactical Laser tag League

In New York, we were lucky to meet Keith di Buono, who is the founder of the Tactical Laser tag League and co-founder of the Community of Laser Tag Business Owners. Keith has been organizing games for 8 years – he has his own mobile club. Due to his vast experience, he is a mentor for many new and existing clubs.

Keith did appreciate our equipment, and the specifically rich functionality of our game sets, easy-to-use software, the variability of settings of the scripting devices. In his opinion, LASERTAG.NET is among the top 3 manufacturers all over the world!


After meeting with Keith di Buono, we went to a laser tag club called Area 53. Now, in New York City there is a great demand for laser tag – both adults and children play it, but the younger audience is certainly greater. Players are interested in scenarios that are popular in video games – Battle Royale, Battlefield Counter-Strike.

Area 53 has been using the equipment of another manufacturer for 3 years. This is a very popular manufacturer in America due to its fairly good quality and fair cost.

The folks from Area 53 were not familiar with LASERTAG.NET before and were impressed with our technological solutions. “Amazing”, they told us after the presentation of the equipment. We didn’t know it at the time, but they would later order 32 Premium Kits from us in just a couple of weeks.

Why did they choose our equipment? Well, there is no need to replace the batteries several times a day, so you don’t have to spend money to buy them on a regular basis. The NETRONIC game kits have a battery that lasts for a whole day, and can be recharged and are ready for use again.

Laser tag club Area 53


Our final meeting in New York was with Jhony who owns an open-air amusement park in Ecuador, which will open in a year. The park is right on the beach – an impressive location!

Jhony wants to use the area, which is now empty, for laser tag games. He is very interested in the concept of a mobile club, where games can be organized at any location with inflatable bunkers. Jhony tried to figure out our software himself and said that it’s really user-friendly – a single person can run the game for the whole company.

Jhony, the owner of an open-air amusement park in Ecuador



The sunny Orlando gave us the possibility to meet Wes, a policeman who wants to start his own entertainment business. He came up with the idea of doing laser tag because it’s a healthy alternative to virtual entertainment. Laser tag brings positive emotions, and it’s important for him that his clients are happy.

Wes wants to start with a mobile laser tag club, but in the future plans to arrange a local site for the game. He really liked our inflatable bunkers, Airbunker, which can build a site in the backyard of the house, in the park, anywhere!

Wes, a policeman who wants to start his own entertainment business


Besides a few more scheduled meetings, we checked into a hotel, where we accidentally met a Colombian family who were interested in the laser tag business. Although they came to Orlando to spend the holiday, after noticing the logo on our T-shirts, we got acquainted and had a great time discussing their future project.

The Oviedo family were amazed to learn that they had met not just players, but the manufacturers of laser tag equipment. We held a presentation and talked about the laser tag industry in general. Now the Wilson family is planning to start their own business in their native Colombia.

Later, we had the possibility to talk to Spiros from Battleground Orlando, who is the owner of Florida’s largest outdoor activities center, where you can play laser tag.

We got acquainted with Spiros thanks to our dealer from the UK – John Sosta. He was the one who recommended our company to Spiros, when he found out that we were going to the USA.

Spiros was interested in our products and ordered a test drive, to try the equipment himself for 2 weeks. A week later, he already provided us with feedback. Spiros liked the lightweight and robust Falcon taggers with impulse recoil technology. He appreciated the ability to control all the equipment from a single device, for instance, a regular smartphone.

Spiros was so impressed with LASERTAG.NET products that he advised us to attend the summit – Paintball Extravaganza International 2020. At this event, we spoke to the largest manufacturers of paintball and laser tag equipment, owners of recreation parks and famous players. This is another story, that we will tell you soon!

Summing up, we can say that the trip was a success. We met many interesting people, learned a lot about the aspects of laser tag in America, as well as found several business partners.

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