Lasertag.NET Operator: Program for laser tag club managing

Control and manage your laser tag equipment via tablet or smartphone using our multipurpose application! The application will be especially useful for those who hold laser tag away games.
The software is one of the most important constituents for the successful laser tag club operation. Operate the game remotely and bring new possibilities to your players with new software, developed by!

Lasertag.NET Operator – manage the laser tag game easily!

laser tag game

The program is designed for laser tag equipment setting, game control and getting the statistics via devices that support Android operation system (smartphones, tablets).

  • Automated laser tag game control;
  • Instant movement of participants from one team to another;
  • The option of delayed start;
  • Automatic re-connection when leaving the game zone;
  • Automatic game completion;
  • The event log;
  • The online statistics.

Set and change the technical parameters of the laser tag game

The application has flexible settings and wide functionality. The interface usability allows managing the laser tag equipment even for a person with little experience in technology. Teams forming, scenario selection, timer setting – you can cope with all these things just in few minutes.

Control the laser tag equipment using your smartphone or tablet – don’t be confined to a particular spot!

The administrator cannot always stay at his working desk, as because of the working process he/she has to spend a lot of  time at the playing court among the players. The mobile application Operator solves this problem: you can control the game process from any spot of your laser tag court within the Wi-Fi zone. The noiseproof Wi-Fi signal allows setting the laser tag equipment remotely, moreover – using our application you can set over twenty game kits simultaneously.

Laser tag – away games

laser tag outdoor game
Our application will be extremely worthy for those who are holding laser tag away games – teambuilding parties, parties that take place at an unarranged area (forest, beach, recreational centers etc.), when it is hard to use notebook or PC. Use your smartphone or tablet with the installed program, Wi-Fi-router along with Power Bank and you are completely mobile and free in your movement!

Use the ready-made scenarios or create and save your own

The application has the great number of ready-made laser tag scenarios designed for visitors of any age. Along with that the administrator can create new unique scenarios adapted for requests of certain clients. This option will surprise even the most tempted clients and give them an opportunity to play the way they like. It means they won’t look for an alternative in other places and will be loyal to your club.

Optimize your working process

laser tag game - setting

Using the built-in timer you can set the game for certain quantity of minutes (for example for 20 minutes), then start the game. There is no need to complete the game by yourself, in that case the application will do it by itself.

That means that you don’t have to watch the time and be distracted for the game completion and the saved time you may spend for other, more urgent issues. Thus the Laertag.NET Operator application facilitates the administrator’s work and increases the staff productivity.

Laser tag online statistics – save, print it out or upload to the social networks

On the screen of the mobile device in online-mode the game event log and statistics are displayed. At the end of the game you can print the statistics data (we recommend you to use your brand form for printing) or upload them to the social networks. Thus you’re not just providing a “good service” for your visitors, that option also rises passion and motivates your clients to attend your laser tag club again and again to beat their own results and the results of their friends.
Besides, the players’ achievements printed and/or uploaded to the social networks it’s an additional advertising for your club. Visitors will share this information with their friends for sure and in such way will promote the laser tag club where they have played.
Download the application from the Google play and get updates automatically. The Lasertag.NET Operator program is constantly developing and updating.

In the future releases the following options will be implemented:

  • Combinability with the additional equipment (control, setting, statistics);
  • An advanced constructor of scenarios with such options that will allow you to choose the terms of the game completion, to change the parameters of the additional devices and to set laser tag kits of the whole team at once;
  • The option of your own brand blank creation within the application for printing the results out;
  • TV-out: displaying the online statistics of the game;
  • Fiscal statistics: the quantity of games, date and the length of the game of each laser tag game kit (will be available for the club owner only).

Download the Lasertag.NET Operator for free and control your laser tag game easily!