The popularity of laser tag induces interest of start-up entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen. But and along with interest it induces question on the profitability of this business. In this article we will explain you the profitability of laser tag business for new customers and for those who plan to expand their business.

Most of the clients that buy laser tag equipment usually are either start-ups seeking to open their own business or current businessmen who want to expand their business.

Among them there are:

  • Indoor and outdoor laser tag clubs;
  • Paintball clubs;
  • Shopping and entertainment centers;
  • Hotels;
  • Camping;
  • Carting centers.

The aim of expanding is to raise the profitability expanding the range of provided services, attracting more visitors and expanding the target audience.
However, in the process of laser tag business of development, many people may get fears associated with both – general uncertainty and lack of understanding of the basics of laser tag business. Below we will talk about the most common fears experienced by beginners of laser tag-business and explain how we deal with them.

Fears which 95% of clients face with:

  • 1. Unprofitable business.
    Start-up businessmen at first place think about starting those types of business that will for sure yield the return. As a rule, nobody wants to risk trying the new types of business.
  • 2. Long paying back period.
    Starting the new business or extending the current one, each businessman worries about how long it will take to payback (or will it payback at all), and when their investment starts to yield the stable high income.
  • 3. Unwanted business.
    Many people worry that if the usual number of clients reduces it will be difficult to offer service to another target audience.
  • 4. Unreliable laser tag equipment.
    Often equipment breakdowns and failures leads to laser tag club’s idle and as a result to loss of orders, lower profitability and longer payback periods.
  • 5. Technologies complexity.
    Starting the laser tag business, the entrepreneur worries that he would have to hire the highly skilled staff or spend a lot of time and resources on training employees to manage the equipment.
  • 6. Safety of technologies.
    One more widespread fear which businessmen face with starting the laser tag business is the doubt if the technologies applied in laser tag equipment safe enough if emitting of infrared beam is harmless for people.
  • 7. The absence of support, service and warranty.
    The fear that the owner will be left alone to manage problems that may appear.
  • 8. The lack of marketing support.
    It is very important to have the full package of marketing materials using which you may calculate the paying back period and all investment you will have to do.
  • 9. Unreliable manufacturer The fear to buy equipment of bad quality and to be cheated by manufacturer of equipment and parts.

Why laser tag is a profitable business, which is worth investing in?

Yet all these fears are extremely rarely have anything to do with laser tag business. Below, we will tell you what factors make the laser tag an advantageous business, and why the laser tag business is one of the most interesting and promising for the new entrepreneurs.

3-11 months’ payback period of laser tag business

According to the statistics of our customers’ laser tag-clubs, the average payback period of the new laser tag business, when loading at least 50%, lasts about 3-11 months. And according to the calculation of the laser tag business payback, which is provided for free within the bundle of the business plan by our company, the average profitability of the business is 51%.

No additional costs

The only expenses you facing are the purchase of new laser tag sets. The equipment is durable and has no consumables, updates are downloaded via the application on Android for free. The only thing you need is to charge the equipment in time. The equipment can work without charging for 2-3 days.

Business popularity

Many businessmen are afraid that if the usual number of customers is reduced, it will not be so easy to offer the services provided to another target audience.
However, laser tag allows you to have at your disposal a whole range of services and events, among which are:

  • Children birthday parties
  • Corporative parties
  • Teambuilding
  • Active leisure for big companies
  • Family entertainment

Laser tag is a new trendy leisure format that like paintball is able to attract the fans of active rest. It allows to increase the profit of your business and widen the list of services provided, that is extremely important for most the businessmen who work in this sphere.

Durable equipment developed specifically for rental:

  • The case made of super strong plastic, impact-resistant, doesn’t afraid of chops, scratches, falls and is able to withstand the weight of automobile;
  • Polyurethane fastening racks for inner parts, reducing the risk of their displacement and mechanical damage;
  • Circuit boards covered with several layers of lacquer to protect against ingress of moisture into inner elements;
  • Rubber tip to protect the optical system, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Easy operation

You can control and set the laser tag equipment using a smartphone, tablet, computer or remote control Smart:

  • The functionality of the remote control allows you to start the game, assign or change the color of the team, adjust the shot power, add health points, ammunition, and delete players in a few clicks;
  • Software for Windows and Android allows you to perform the same functions as with the remote control, without leaving your workplace;
  • Intuitive interface of the program is so usable that not only a technically unexperienced person, but even a child can control it;
  • The owner of laser tag business will be able to control the number of all games played.

Technology safety

Our laser tag equipment is certified and meets all safety requirements of the EU and CIS countries:

  • Laser tag weapons fire a safe infrared beam, the same is used in the remote control of the TV, which does not cause any pain;
  • Wi-Fi technologies used in gaming kits by are certified and safe for human, since they operate in the radio frequency band – 2.4 Hz according to the current legislation of the EU and CIS countries;
  • The laser tag case is designed with all the safety requirements, it is protected by a rubber bumper, which, in addition, softens possible collisions and shocks.

Support, service and guarantees – we are always in touch

  • Technical support is provided through the website, email, phone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. Our specialists are always ready to help in solving any problem;
  • Warranty for the equipment up to 24 months, and warranty service for the entire service life;
  • With each client, we sign a contract for the equipment supply with a guarantee of delivery period.

Marketing support

Purchasing laser tag equipment from, you get the detailed business plan on how to start your business. We provide detailed formulas for calculating the laser tag business payback, using which you can understand how much equipment you will need at the initial stage and what time it will to pay your investment back.

We also provide:

  • Recommendations for the laser tag business launch and promotion;
  • Help in laser tag arenas designing;
  • A package of audio-courses on laser tag business;
  • Instructions for staff;
  • Tutorial materials for gaming;
  • Scenarios for games organizations;
  • Recommendations for customers attracting;
  • Models of advertising materials;
  • Ready-made commercial offers for customers;
  • Detailed recommendations for developing a website and Internet marketing.

Reliable manufacturer

Fear to buy the equipment of bad-quality and likelihood to be cheated by the parts and equipment manufacturer.
Cooperating with, you can avoid such problems.
The following facts serve as evidence:

  • More than 30 countries have been working on base the equipment;
  • A full cycle of production – we do everything – from case casting and software development, to assembly and testing of the finished product;
  • There are 5 stages of quality control – all developments are tested in the network of arenas and clubs of the company.

Our company constantly tests the manufactured products, analyzes the opinions of customers and experts. always strives to be better.