Live Action Game - unique laser tag center from Las Vegas

Have you ever heard the saying, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"? We dare to break that tacit rule to share the story of Thomas Dion, owner of the extraordinary Live Action Gaming laser tag center in Las Vegas!
Las Vegas
Las Vegas. A city that everyone around the world has heard of. A city that is deemed to be the center of the entertainment business with the most innovative entertainment programs and amusements. This place sees insane competition, so your new business has to be genuinely unique to survive.
our client
Our client, Thomas Dion, never thought of taking the beaten path but dreamed of launching an unusual laser tag center. Thomas told us in an interview: he believes that the experience of such games should always be more realistic and aimed at a mature audience, so he sought equipment that would create a sense of authenticity.


For a realistic quest room with shootout capabilities, Thomas lacked authentic equipment. Thomas himself says: “Since I intended to play games for an 18 to 45-year-old audience, conventional laser tag guns wouldn't give visitors the sense of authenticity or immerse them in a spy game, not to mention paintball guns. Moreover, diversifying their entertainment center's range of services required additional scenario devices that would fit the taggers.”


We were the solution to Thomas' equipment challenge with out-of-the-box taggers and compatible scenario devices. Our iconic GLOCK taggers are exactly what Thomas was looking for. GLOCK taggers are based on a licensed casing from the German company UMAREX, which ensures the following:
  • Realistic reload cycle;
  • Basic elements that match the original design;
  • Picatinny rail for additional equipment (tactical light, laser designator, etc.);
  • The only double-action trigger on the market, which guarantees a realistic shooting sensation.
As hit sensors, Thomas bet on vests rather than bands, as is the habit in outdoor laser tag centers. A tagger with a vest allows visitors to feel like real special agents on a mission. By the way, speaking about the missions!
Live Action Gaming was successfully launched in October 2022. This is a quest room with actors starring as adversaries, and the players themselves becoming employees of a secret agency on a spy mission.
The gameplay can range from seizing information with real flash drives and computers, to tug-of-war. This is a game mode at the SMART checkpoint.
The specially equipped location, where the game takes place, as well as the actors' performance, make each game as adrenaline-infused as possible. The tension and build-up are just like in a spy movie! Visitors admit getting scared when they see actors or hear sudden gunshots from a tagger. Players have to run a lot and show their stealth and intuition skills to outsmart the Live Action Game actors.


Thomas describes the visitor experience like this: “The benefit of using the equipment from is that our customers have had a positive first impression when they see the realism of the Glocks, and understand how our experience is different from the typical laser tag they see elsewhere. Also, having the capture device has allowed us an easy way to switch the experience from one event to the next, without needing significant planning or setup.”

Today, this laser tag center is getting a lot of positive feedback. Thomas now speaks of purchasing more equipment for large-scale games with a greater number of players. We wish Thomas the prosperity of his business and even more satisfied customers!