2023 - Time for changes

For us, 2022 was a year of adjustment, improvement, and optimization. And the new 2023 is becoming a year of global changes in which each of our customers, dealers, and partners is involved. Because thanks to everyone's feedback LASERTAG.NET continues to develop and manufacture only the most popular products on the market.

Farewell, "first-born"

Falcon F1
We bid farewell to the Falcon F1 and F2 Basic and Tactical Standard models. These models have been the backbone of several hundred laser tag centers and continue to withstand the pressure of high attendance.
Falcon F2
These models are permanently off the market, but technical support and service for already released models will not stop. The FALCON Basic is the " signature" of our company, the tagger that our history started with. But we are already developing new taggers, which will be even better and even more reliable.


Now we offer our customers only F1 and F2 in Standard, Premium, and Tactical Pro configurations. From 2023 the second hand sensor is now included by default in Premium and Tactical Pro packages. Our goal is to keep on the market only the most demanded kits with maximum functionality whose reliability and quality are proven in more than 1600 laser tag centers. We care about our customers!

Goodbye, Legend

Galaxy Pulse
We are discontinuing the Galaxy Pulse, the legendary equipment system for arena laser tag centers. Like the FALCON Basic and Tactical Standard in the Outdoors segment, Galaxy Pulse kits have become the backbone of laser tag arenas and provided our customers with profitable and comfortable running laser tag businesses.
Galaxy Eclipse
As of 2023, only Galaxy Eclipse gear remains available, with kits showing excellent reliability and quality. The potential of Galaxy Eclipse allows you to develop the equipment for years to come, expanding the list of necessary and demanded features!