LASERTAG.NET equipment review by legendary expert

Laurie Jean Britton

Laurie Jean Britton, a legendary laser tag expert with over 20 years of experience, visited our client's laser tag facility and shared her opinion on our equipment! Laurie is a professional who has been recognized by such major laser tag equipment manufacturers as Delta Strike, Battle Company, Laserforce and many others. And at this time, symbolically along with the introduction of LASERTAG.NET to the U.S. market, it is our turn now!


Our story begins with Laurie meeting Michael Obod, co-founder and CEO of LASERTAG.NET, at IAAPA 2022 in Orlando, where she interviewed Michael for her laser tag community. During that meeting, Laurie discovered that it was possible to try out our new equipment at the Battleground Orlando laser tag center, which is owned by our partner Spiros Kodounis.

Laurie's dedication to her craft is best illustrated by the situation she found herself in. Even though she arrived in Orlando rather late and her flight home to Florida was early in the morning, she did not hesitate to contact Battleground Orlando. Even the fact that there were no more open games for her to join at this late hour couldn't stop her. Knowing Laurie's love for laser tag, the Battleground Orlando staff made an exception for her and held a 1 vs1 game!


Up to that point, Laurie had a little experience playing with our FALCON F1 and F2 taggers. And at the Battleground Orlando laser tag center, where she went immediately after the show, Spiros played with the FALCON LUX taggers. Laurie saw these taggers in person for the first time at the show.

Falcon LUX in game

It is worth describing Laurie's first experience with the FALCON LUX with a quote from her blog: "This visit was not about victory or defeat, but simply having an opportunity to play with a Netronic tagger in my hands to get a feel for it. I must say, I continue to be impressed with the equipment. I like the size of this tagger. It is easy to grip and control. It feels sturdy without being too heavy. Personally, I might prefer to play it without using a head sensor (like my first experience using the custom sensor sash or perhaps with the vested version that I saw at the trade show), but still the gear feels good to use and I congratulate my worthy opponent on a good game. You can read the full post at:

Laurie mentioned in her blog that she wanted to dedicate more time to playing with our gear and would definitely return to Battleground Orlando again.

Laurie, the entire LASERTAG.NET team wants to thank you for your attention and your expert opinion. We wish you get a chance to visit a laser tag center with our equipment as soon as possible and enjoy a full team game experience. See you again soon!

5 – 7 Mar 2024
Dubai World
Trade Centre
Stand 3-C28


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