Mobile laser tag club’s advantages

Mobile laser tag club is a very profitable thing for anybody, dealing with laser tag business. Even if you already have a permanent laser tag field it is always worth thinking about possible growth of it.

Portable field is an additional ground to run away laser tag games, school tournaments, corporate events, and trainings. Mobile laser tag club is an option which always grant you the whole range of advantages to use. 

For example:

  • Mobility. Game field can be installed anywhere, both in the city or outside;
  • Speediness. Bunkers are inflated very quickly. You will build the whole town in about 40 minutes;
  • Safety. All AIRBUNKER inflatable bunkers are completely safe and meet the EU and CIS safety standards;
  • Versatility. Inflatable bunkers can be placed in any preferable way which means you will adapt game field to any scenario of the game;
  • Wide functionality. Inflatable field can be used for away games as well as an additional game field of the existing laser tag club;
  • Profitability. Earn more: service of installing a field will increase your average purchase amount by 30%!

How to create a mobile laser tag club

Inflatable bunkers for laser tag

Inflatable bunkers are very comfortable to use mobile games anywhere. Not only they look great but also increase average purchase amount by 30%. We recommend AIRBUNKER inflatable bunkers. They are completely safe which make it possible to use them for mobile games where children are supposed to participate. Using inflatable bunkers you will easily built a small mobile laser tag game town.

One field is inflated and laid out in 40 (forty) minutes. Inflatable construction elements imitate windows and doorways, increasing game realism level. They are also easily interconnected.
The most popular events where you can use inflatable bunkers for mobile laser tag include the following:

Organizing school mobile laser tag tournaments

laser tag tournaments in school

It is one of the most successful ways to attract new visitors. Many students that have participated in school laser tag tournament further become regular customers of that club. Give participants of the tournaments tickets with special offers.

Organizing a school tournament with an agreement with a principal you can present it as an additional class together with sports or health and safety training course. Or it can be used as a special event for a special date.

Organization of laser tag mobile games


In case you are just starting your business you can use mobile club as a comfortable solution. You do not need then to rent land to build a permanent laser tag field while the whole list of laser tag business services to offer your clients will still be available for you.

Inflatable permanent field

outdoor laser tag

Using a mobile laser tag club is also very comfortable when you want to create permanent game field or to expand the existing one. AIRBUNKER inflatable bunkers are easily used to create game fields of all different shapes. It will allow you spending less time for building laser tag field while you will get the full functional range of laser tag features.
The quality of inflatable bunkers is so high that they can be used all year round under any weather conditions. Whether it is snowing or raining AIRBUNKER will stand the most extreme loads.


laser tag - outdoor game

Being practical implementers we know how important the strength of inflatable bunkers for paintball, mobile laser tag, and other games is as well as what loads can be applied to them during the game. Our own experience helped us to reach the maximum functional and comfort features when using inflatable bunkers.

In our constractions we have thought of each detail, including the following:

outdoor laser tag with inflatable bunkers

  • “PUSH-N-GO” system valve is fixed in air supply and exhaust positions. This makes inflating process fast as well as increases its quality – bunkers will not deflate by themselves even when used in cold weather conditions;
  • Valve protection with hook-and-loop fastener prevents valve contamination and damage;
  • Heavy duty tie down allows fixing bunker on any surface;
  • Special handle makes the process of moving bunkers easy and fast.

Quality and reliability guarantees:

  • Material quality control – 680-gr/m2 highly dense PVC material is used for making bunkers and each lot of it is checked for adhesion, strength, and elasticity properties;
  • Double seam technology makes seam resistant to rips, collision and hits;
  • Leak test — each lot of bunkers is inflated till the maximum density and kept in such state for 48 hours at the warehouse;
  • High pressure testinflated AIRBUNKER bunker is stand a weight of a more than 2000-kilo heavy car.

Buy a mobile laser tag club and you will see how drastically all the indicators of your laser tag business will grow.