The organization of mobile laser tag games is your competitive advantage and an additional source of profit. Offer a laser tag game service in schools and other educational institutions in your city and you will at least advertise your club or you will find loyal customers and partners!

    The benefits of holding laser tag tournaments in schools

    1. Advertisment for your club
    Organizing at least one game in an educational institution, you will make a big advertising campaign for your club. Children are very sociable. And if the game of laser tag is fun and interesting for them, in an hour they will share their photos in social networks.
    Organizing at least one game in an educational institution
    Do not miss your chance to take advantage of this! Offer them a small reward like a souvenir for the hashtag with the mention of your club in its publication or for the feedback in your group on social networks.
    Prepare flyers with promotional information or discount coupons for games and give them to children during the event so that they can come to your club with their parents or friends after the school laser tag tournament.
    2. Expanding the customer base
    Arranging laser tag in the school prepare in advance small questionnaires in which participants of the tournament will be able to give information about themselves: Name, phone number (theirs or parents) and date of birth. You can then use this information to invite potential customers to your club to celebrate a birthday, to participate in a tournament, or to offer a special discount for the game.
    3. Business scaling
    Organizing laser tag games in schools is an opportunity to increase the flow of customers and organize more games without the cost of construction of additional sites.
    Laser tag equipment can be easily transported to any place in the city or outside it. And using inflatable bunkers in just an hour you will create a playground anywhere: in the gym, at the school playground, stadium, or any open area.
    Organization of laser tag games does not require a lot of people. 1-2 people are enough. You can control the game and set up game sets via phone or tablet with a special program. A user-friendly interface, game settings templates and their quick loading allow you to prepare equipment for the game in a few minutes.
    4. A game with no extra cost
    Laser tag has no damaging elements (paint balls) that would require replenishment. The only thing you need to recharge is the battery. Usually, one game kit requires recharging no more than once every three days.

    Why schools will be interested in laser tag

    When organizing a children’s event, teachers as well as parents want it to be bright, memorable and, most importantly, safe. Laser tag meets all these requirements.
    1. Memorable entertainment
    Infrared ray, hit sensors that change color and vibrate with each hit, scenario gaming devices with mode visualization, more than 30 game scenarios, sound effects for each game event and, of course, game statistics that can be printed and given to participants after the game.
    Laser tag is a game in which you never get bored!
    2. Complete safety
    The laser tag rifle shoots with a safe infrared beam, and the sensors on the headband recieve the beam and react to the impact, vibrating and making a special sound.
    The body of the rifle has a streamlined shape without sharp and protruding elements, which prevents players from getting scratched. And a special rubber tip softens possible impacts in case of accidental collisions.
    3. For all ages
    For the smallest players, you can use a laser tag gun with a short butt. Due to its small size, it comfortably fits in the hand, and the minimum weight does not allow the child to get tired of a long game. A laser tag gun with an elongated butt is suitable for high school students and adults.
    Laser tag will fit into the school summer vacation program, will be a good alternative to traditional sporting events, and will also open you a new flow of potential customers. You just have to use it right.

    Do you want to organize the perfect laser tag game at school? In the article “How to prepare for an away game” we listed all the points that you should take into account and even prepared a special check-list of laser tag equipment needed for an away game.