In laser tag, unlike paintball, there is no need for a specially equipped stationary field. Games can be held anywhere: in the yard in front of the house, in the school gym, on the territory of the recreation center or even in the forest.

Laser tag field

Many entrepreneurs start their laser tag business with a mobile club. In this case, the venue of the game is a neutral ground or a place chosen by the customer. A natural landscape or inflatable pieces are used as bunkers.

This approach has several advantages:

  • Mobility. The playground can be equipped in any convenient place for the client.

  • Efficiency. Preparing the playing field takes no more than 1 hour.

  • Accessibility. No need to invest time and resources in the construction of the ground, as well as pay for the rent of land on which it will be located.
This approach has several advantages

Over time, most owners of mobile clubs are thinking about upscaling their business. To increase the number of games held, it is necessary to increase the number of game sets, and also equip a stationary playground or even several of them.

Of course, there are always people who are inconvenient to come to the stationary club or they want to hold an event in their individual place. Away games are organized for them because this is one of the tools to increase profits, which cannot be eliminated. No matter how much income such games bring they must be treated responsibly. The quality of their conduct affects the reputation of your laser tag club.

What are the benefits of holding mobil lasertag games for stationary clubs?

  • Profit is additional income. Statistics obtained from our clients shows that an average 20% of the total number of games are mobile laser tag games.

  • Coverage is an increase in the number of customers. Players participating in an away event are more likely to order the game again at your club.

  • Advertising is conducting promo and charity games. Give all participants discount certificates to visit your club, converting potential customers into existing ones.

Pricing of away games can have several types. It may be a separate payment for the game and the delivery of equipment or a fixed price for the service.

In the first case, you charge customers the price of each service separately: playing laser tag, the delivery of equipment and setting up an inflatable field. Take into account the cost of fuel for the car to get to the venue of the game and back. With this approach you need to explain to customers all the details of the cost of an away game.

The fixed price of an away laser tag game involves a single payment that you charge the customer. It includes holding of the game, the delivery of all equipment and installation of inflatable shelters. This option will allow customers to quickly obtain the necessary information, without going into the calculation, but if the price seems too high, they simply refuse to play.



Most laser tag clubs actively use inflatable bunkers. They are necessary for the arrangement of the playing area. If there are not enough natural shelters at the venue of the game, you will certainly need inflatable pieces.

As the users we know perfectly that inflatable pieces are subjected to loads during operation. Many years of experience allowed us to create the brand AIRBUNKER with the shelters that meet international quality standards.

AIRBUNKER inflatable bunkers are:

  • Strengthened material 680 g / m². Only from leading manufacturers;
  • Convenient Push & Go air valve. Quick and easy fixation in the air supply and exhaust positions;
  • Double soldered seam withstands extreme loads;
  • Reinforced rails give resistance to harsh movements;
  • Carrying handles;
  • 16 color options;
  • The possibility of applying your logo.

For playing laser tag we recommend using specially designed shelters of the TACTICAL series. They are made based on the construction kits principle. They can be interconnected and build a variety of structures.
If you follow the recommended rules of use, AIRBUNKER shelters will last more than 10 years!



For an away game, you need to pay attention to all the stages, from preparation to realization. How to take an order? What to take with you? How to prepare the site?

Get maximum information from the client at the stage of the order

Since it is a mobile laser tag game, it is necessary to clarify as many details as possible. If you do not take into account all the factors, it will be difficult for you to fix the situation while you are already at the game field.

Record all the received information:

  • Customer’s name and phone number;
  • Date and start time;
  • The minimum and maximum number of participants;
  • Age of players;
  • The exact location of the game;
  • Do you have enough natural shelters? (ask for a photo of the area);
  • Is there a need to use inflatable shelters?
  • If you need a set of inflatable shelters, is there a source of electricity nearby (to power the blower, or take a mobile generator with you).

Record the received order immediately after dealing with the client

Add all the received information to the schedule of events, reserving the necessary number of game sets and other equipment. This is necessary to not accidentally schedule another game for this date. This way you eliminate any possible unpleasant situations. Give all the info to the instructors who will be playing the game.

To keep track of all planned events, use Google Calendar or one of the CRM systems. This will ensure the automation of data filling and the systematization of your customers’ contacts.

To make organizing mobile laser tag games economically profitable, take an order of at least 6 people. If there are fewer customers, ask them to pay for the missing game sets or collect the required number of participants.

Take an upfront payment

Knowing the location of the game, calculate the fare. Take into account the cost of fuel spent, and also depreciation of transport (+ 10% of the amount).

Receive payment from the customer for the equipment delivery as an advance payment. Offer several options for how to make it: give it to the club administrators or make a transfer to a bank card. If customers for some reason do not show up for the game, you will not incur the transportation cost in vain.

Contact the customer the day before the game

Customers may not show up for the game if they have other plans for this day, weather conditions change, or they simply change their mind without warning you in advance about it. In order not to waste time, call the customer a day before the event and make sure that everything remains in place.

Prepare all equipment in advance


Make a list of everything you need. From equipment to drinking water. Approach this issue very seriously, because on the way you will find it difficult to find a replacement for forgotten equipment. Make sure that all game sets are fully charged, and the transport is working properly and is filled with fuel.

Put people in charge for a game

Choose instructors for the game based on the rate of 1 instructor for 10 people. Give them all the information received from the client and wishes regarding the game.

Put people in charge for a game

Pick the driver responsible for the transfer of equipment. Tell him where the game is located, so that he can prepare the route in advance.

Analyze the location of the game

To understand whether the site is suitable for a mobile laser tag game, ask the customer for a photo of the chosen location. If the customer himself has not yet seen this location or doubts that it is suitable for laser tag, you need to go there yourself to explore the area.

Analyze the location of the game

Make sure that the size of the location is suitable for the specified number of players. See if there are enough natural shelters or you need inflatable ones. If you use inflatable bunker, arrange them symmetrically to ensure a level playing field for both teams.

Explore the area next to the field and make sure it is safe, as players can go beyond the playing field.

Prepare the playing area


You should arrive at the place of the game 2 hours before it starts. It is necessary to have time to carry out the preparatory work: unload the equipment and equip the area, inflate and arrange the inflatable bunkers, activate and configure the game sets.

You should treat responsibly the safety of players. Carefully inspect the site and remove all items that can injure participants or interfere the game. It can be broken glass, litter, sticking out branches, cobblestones and other things.
Use twilled tape to mark dangerous objects (pits, ditches, slopes), and also mark the boundaries of the playing space, if the limits of the site are not completely clear.

A mobile laser tag game is a ready made paty for your customers, which can be arranged anywhere: in the office, restaurant, school or on a picnic in the park. To make it perfect, it is important to take into account all the nuances.

Especially for you, we have prepared a Check List that will help you to get ready for the event without much effort. Fill out a special form and get a check list for FREE. Just print it and check the equipment necessary to conduct an unforgettable laser tag battle.

Let all of your games go without a hitch!