Laser tag visitors come to you for unforgettable emotions. For the game to be remembered for a long time, offer your customers to try different modes.
But how to make the presentation of the game striking and spectacular? How to attract new customers and keep them? How to use all the available equipment for an exciting laser tag battle? We want to answer these questions by providing you with a ready-made solution.

Ready-to-use scenarios for arena laser tag. Make the best of the game!

Our experts have developed a set of scenarios for the indoor laser tag system – GALAXY. A unique plot, description of missions, game mechanics. Everything that you need to plunge into the game!
We have created a whole universe for the players, and also worked on the visual design by developing a visual presentation in the form of a PDF file. You will be able to publish it on your website, as well as display it to your customers on a screen or in printed form. Scenarios are divided by age groups and difficulty levels.
All the missions include team fights, one-on-one battles, and battles for the Domination box. There are a variety of options to choose from.

Start using new scenarios right now!

For each mission we have prepared a file with the necessary settings. They are available in current version of soft ware for Windows. Adapt them to your arena by editing the parameters of the players or the number of scenario devices. After saving the changes, just click “Start game” to launch the selected scenario.
You can get the presentation of the first 12 scenarios FOR FREE by filling in a special form. Level up your arena to the maximum!

Available scenarios:

Warm Up
Arena King
The Virus Elimination

Team Deathmatch
Base Assault
Ultimate weapon
Mind Control
Vampire Feud

To use the scenarios it is necessary to have:
  • Software Arena version 13.6.36
  • Firmware for game kits of version 25.13.29 and newer
In other cases, contact our support managers.