New laser tag platform GALAXY embodies lots features that may serve for laser tag centers benefits. One of them is multicolored OLED-screen of the blaster, that has successfully replaced the monochromic.

Due to the new screen players can easily understand the meaning of indicators even in high dynamic of the game. It also increases the game engagement process to the highest level.

If a player breaks the rules and stops holding his blaster with both hands the screen will display the warning. Thus player can rectify the situation and get back to playing.

The screen displays 11 indicators at once: dynamic health and ammo level scales, number of successful hits, frags, type of weapon, cartridge clips quantity, rating, super-weapon mode, game timer.
Besides, the screen also displays game kit settings for the laser tag arena administrators, including battery level, game kit ID and connection status.

multicolored oled-screen

OLED-technology implies high power saving level. If certain part of the image should be black, the diodes that response for this part – are just switched off automatically. It allows playing in a darkened labyrinth of arena without defining player’s location. One more feature of the OLED-screen is the flare absence and wide view angle.
It means that it doesn’t matter from what side you look at the screen you’ll see all indicators clearly.

The screen is integrated in the special mounting racks that prevents its displacement when dropping or hitting. The protective glass 6 mm thick prevents mechanic damages and provides the construction’s robustness.

Learn more about GALAXY features. The equipment is already on the market!