The video format of the Multistation. Where is the heart of your arena?

What is the heart of your laser tag arena? How do you make sure your customers will get the best experience, coming to play?

The heart of the arena hides in the interactive laser tag device  – Multistation.

You may have 1 or you may have 10 – regardless the quantity you know that with an “interactive laser heart” your arena stands out, as well as you business.  All the technical features and special recommendations about how to use the Multistation are mentioned in a detailed review of the device. And here you will find the video one – because it’s not only about what you read – it’s about what you see and what your customers live!


  • 7 game modes & the way they interact with laser tag gun
  • explicit technical features
  • sound & light effects
  • advices how to use in the most efficient way


Take your laser tag arena to the new interactive level! Put the heart in it. Indoor laser tag is all  about the interaction…Multistation!