The 19.2 firmware opened up fundamentally new opportunities for creating game scenarios and modes.
    The main innovations are:
    • Battle Royale, the most popular and sought-after game of 2019-2020.
    • The most flexible design of scripts and game characters.
    • Frontier mode, which is interesting to play even alone.
    • The new Multistation bomb mode, in which the bomb must be armed and deactivated.
    Next, you can learn more about all the new features of the latest firmware of 2019. If you already know about all the innovations of the firmware, click to sign up for the firmware.

    New game modes

    Battle royale

    Battle Royale is one of the main trends in the world of computer games of 2019-2020. People around the world dreamed of playing in real conditions, and we did everything possible to make this happen.
    Lasertag.Net’s Battle Royale is not just a new mode, but a full-fledged game that best matches the canonical computer counterparts:
    • Everyone plays for himself and only one player or squad can become the winner in this battle!
    • Players fight in an area that narrows over time, causing them to pull together and start a shootout.
    • If a player is outside the zone, his health units are gradually taken away.
    • There is no opportunity to respawn, so each shootout may be the last for a player in a given round.
    ou can make the game more interesting by placing a SIRIUS and Multistation on the site, setting them in the first aid kit and arsenal modes. We recommend placing such spots closer to the center of the playing area in order to push players to engage in active battles for bonuses.
    The script is available only for the laser tag centers operating on Lasertag.Net equipment with the NETRONIC 19.2 firmware. Such laser tag centers get the opportunity to attract the maximum number of visitors, providing the most popular scenario of 2019-2020.

    The Frontier and Activator modes are for the headband

    Two new autonomy modes for the headbands became available: the Frontier and Activator. To activate these modes, you need to turn on the headband, having turned off the laser gun first, then press the corresponding button on the remote control. The Sniper button turns on the Frontier mode (the sensors light up in green), Activator is activated by the Attack button (the sensors light up in red).

    Activator Mode

    n this mode, the Activator player will respawn deactivated players every 10 seconds within a radius of 1 meter. The headband in this mode lights up red once every 10 seconds, and the players that are near enough will be responded. The activator has 100 health units, all the game play action will have an effect on him, as on an ordinary player. The new character opens up great opportunities for creating exciting scenarios.

    Frontier mode

    In this mode, the headband is the target, which must be hit by the laser gun. To conduct the game you need to build a gate opening to a pathway (wooden or iron poles on which the headbands will be placed, with the Boundary mode previously activated). The player must go through all the gates, simultaneously deactivating the headbands. If the player does not hit the headband and tries to pass through the gate, radiation deactivates him. The target has only 100 health units, but you can increase the number of shots for deactivation by reducing the damage done by the gun. This will allow your laser tag center to play games for one player or team relay races against the clock.

    Adjusting the range of defeat in the Zombie Walker mode

    For the autonomous operation mode of the Zombie Walker headband, the adjustment of the radiation range has been made. This will allow you to change the distance that zombies must sneak up to deactivate the enemy.

    A new bomb for your laser tag center

    The Bomb mode of the Multistation scenario device works in a new way. Now to set the bomb one team needs to make a certain number of shots on Multistation. After that, the image on it will change from the Red Cross to a Bomb and it will be activated.
    The delay time before the explosion can be set in the application. In order to deactivate the bomb, the opposite team needs to shoot a certain number of times (this parameter is also set in the application). If they fail to do this, the bomb will explode and deactivate the players. Optionally, deactivation can be triggered by the players of one team, all the teams, or only those who are within the range of the Multistation.
    Now you can create bomb planting scripts, similar to those used in popular games such as Counter-Strike.

    The new features of the Android application for the outdoor laser tag

    Visual user guide

    Now, on the first launch of the android application, the user will see a visual guide that will allow him or her to quickly and easily learn the functions and learn about the features of the application.

    Preset configuration

    Customize your existing presets or create your own. The configuration of the presets is as detailed as possible from the amount of health and damage units, the choosing of the second weapon, the percentage of vampirism and the effect of exposure to radiation. Detailed customization of the presets allows you to create new unique characters.
    You can safely change the parameters of existing presets, as there is a reset button back to the basic settings.

    Import and export the scripts and presets

    A unique feature for importing and exporting the scripts and presets has become available. This allows the entire Lasertag.Net community to share their best stories or game characters. In the menu of presets or scripts, simply click on the plus icon, and the export and import menu will appear in front of you.

    Fiscal Server Statistics

    In order to bring protection against unauthorized games to a new level, as well as for all laser tag center owners to be able to analyze the performance of their facility, we have developed a new system of fiscal server statistics. At the moment, the function is in the final stages of beta testing. The ability to work with fiscal server statistics is embedded in the functionality of the software and the new firmware version. When the system is tested, we will inform all existing customers, as well as provide the opportunity to sign up to the system and start using new features. The planned launch date for fiscal server statistics is the beginning of 2020.

    Support for the tactical laser weapons Glock-19 and M4

    The Operator app now fully supports the Glock-19 and M4 tactical laser weapons. Now you can configure parameters and the track tactical laser weapons in the game.

    The new design of the player statistics chart

    The improved chart design with personal player statistics. Now the names and indicators do not go beyond the lines of the cells. Working with a chart has become easier, but visually it looks much nicer.

    Viewing the firmware and kit features

    The game kit menu now displays its parameters such as firmware version and RSSI (the parameter for measuring the distance from the player to the access point when setting the Battle Royale mode).

    Reset names to default ones

    A new button has appeared in the application, which allows a one-click reset all the registered player names and return them to their default ones. For the name reset to work, you must additionally restart the application.

    Additional timer

    For greater convenience when playing games, another timer was added to the top menu bar.

    A new level of stability

    With each release, we strive to ensure that we reduce the number of errors. During the active operation of firmware 19.1, some users noticed small errors that were fixed.
    • The “Auto power off” function is activated after a selected period of time.
    • The barrel overheat function now works correctly.
    • The invulnerability time in the zombie preset corresponds to the set.
    Use the new features, attract visitors and give them happiness and unforgettable emotions.
    The equipment flashing speed was increased by 20 percent compared to the previous version 19.1, so you can update the functionality of your laser tag equipment even faster.
    To use all the features of the new firmware 19.2, fill out the form below. Our Tech Support will contact you and help you correctly flash the game kits.