NETRONIC firmware 19.4 - the main update of 2021

Since the release of firmware 19.3, we have dedicated time to gathering feedback from our current and potential customers to release a firmware with the most relevant and interesting features for you and your players.

The complete package

Your players will now be able to play with a tagger and 3 devices at the same time: a headband, vest, and shock-band.
The complete package
A player wearing the full set of equipment will experience the maximum immersion through the simultaneous operation of realistic damage* and the action of a shock-band**.
*Realistic damage is the ability to set different percentages of damage to different areas of the game kit (head, shoulders, stomach, back).
**Shock-band will provide the physical sensation of getting hit in any zone of the kit.
We accounted for the changes and now the tagger's display indicates the battery level of all 3 devices connected to it.

The new scenario is bombastic!

new scenario
We have developed and added to the app a ready-made scenario for a bomb game. Your visitors will be able to compete in a game similar to Counter Strike, where one team has to plant a bomb and the other one - to defuse it.
Order a catalog - check the price of the new bomb!

Bomb configuration in Lasertag Operator

Lasertag Operator
You can now customize your SUPERNOVA bomb in the Lasertag Operator app:
  • set a timer to explode the bomb;
  • set the damage inflicted by the bomb detonation;
  • select the teams to plant or detonate the bomb.
For easy creation of your own bomb game scenarios, we have added some end-of-game conditions:
  • bomb defusal;
  • bomb detonation.

Parallel Games

Previously, we added a parallel game feature which eliminated the possibility of accidentally affecting each other by players from different playgrounds, working on different Wi-Fi networks.
Parallel Games
A firmware update will allow you to apply this feature to bomb game scenarios:
  • Players from one playground will not be able to interact with a bomb located on a adjacent playground;
  • The bomb explosion in one playground will not affect players on adjacent playgrounds.

New settings for Zombie character

We have updated the game character Zombie in the game, using a tagger. You can now choose settings for this character: "Infection", "Change Team" or "Off" :
  • Infection:Zombie deactivates the player, who then changes the team and becomes a Zombie.
  • Team change : The Zombie deactivates the player who then passes to the zombie team, preserving the same preset.
  • Off: Zombie deactivates the player, no team changing after that .

Updated remote control

remote control
Before the firmware update 19.4, applying the same preset repeatedly via the remote control would return the default preset to the player.
With the update, this function was removed to prevent accidental cancellation of the preset - now you can return the default preset by pressing the two-dot icon on the new remote control.
For older versions of remotes without additional buttons, you must now reprogram one of the buttons to return the standard preset.

Vampire weapon

With the new update, the vampirism feature is available for any of the characters' weapons. For example, a Stormtrooper character with the vampirism feature on the weapon will now be forced to replenish his dwindling health reserve by damaging enemies.

Update of the Base mode in SIRIUS

With the firmware update, the SIRIUS in Base mode replenishes the player's last magazine. Now, if all the ammo is discharged, all you have to do is come to the base which will replenish the ammunition in the last magazine.
Important information:
  • Only the last magazine is replenished;
  • No ammunition is replenished for additional weapons;
  • The frequency of ammo replenishment corresponds to the frequency of Respawn.

Hostage indication

New Hostage character indication when playing with a tagger. The vest and headband in game mode now flash in team color.

Perfection has no limits

With the new firmware, the equipment is even more stable now, and minor bugs detected during the operation of firmware 19.3 have been fixed.

Minimum requirements for firmware upgrade:
  • Lasertag Operator app - version 360
  • Tagger firmware - version 19.3
  • Headband firmware - version 5.2
  • SIRIUS firmware - version 4.10.