The firmware update 19.3 for the outdoor NETRONIC platform is already available for download.

    The main innovations are

    *all updates are available for the Android app only.


    A new mode for SIRIUS is now available, it allows you to play a popular scenario using a virtual flag. To capture the flag, the player must shoot at SIRIUS (set in the corresponding mode) from a distance of 1 meter. The corresponding sound will notify you of a successful capture.
    The sensors on the player’s headband begin to pulsate in the color purple and the color of the team, thus indicating the flag carrier. To capture the flag, the player needs to bring the flag and hoot at the SIRIUS at his base. A light and sound indication will notify you about points. If the opponent deactivates the carrier, this flag will be lost, and the SIRIUS will restore it after a set period of time.
    The flag carrier can hit other participants, but he can also be deactivated.
    SIRIUS stations that distribute flags can be located on bases of teams or in the center of the site, depending on the selected mode.

    There are 3 preset scripts for this mode in the software:

    Race against time

    Race against time

    The team that delivers the most flags from the opponents base or from neutral stations to its base within a set time of the round wins. Points are awarded only for the delivered flags.

    Flag Hunting

    Flag Hunting

    You must deliver the set number of flags to your base (10 by default). They can be captured from a team of rivals or at neutral stations. Round time is unlimited.

    Capture all flags

    Capture all flags

    It is necessary to take all the flags from the opposite team. It is not necessary to deliver the flag to your base, but you can get extra points for this. One player can carry only one flag.


    A grenade launcher is an additional weapon that can be assigned to any player in the software settings. The shockwave allows you to hit several opponents at once, causing maximum damage to the first affected player, as well as injuring all surrounding participants.
    The damage decreases with each player hit by the blast. The default range is 5 meters, this parameter is configured in the application.

    New sound effects

    Now the player who is on the top line in the team rating for scoring receives the corresponding sound signal: “You lead”.The game kit also notifies the player of the loss of a leading position“You’ve lost the lead”.
    New sound effects have also been added to the Battle Royale mode: “Zone is reduced” and “You left the active zone”.

    The updated Lasertag Operator interface

    The ability to choose 1 of 5 the modes is now available in the Lasertag Operator application, and no longer by just pressing a button on the bracelet. You can select a mode for either one or all connected devices.

    The division into basic and advanced settings

    The application interface has become even more convenient. The top of the menu contains all the basic settings that are used most often. More advanced options are easy to open by clicking on the gear icon.

    The sections for choosing scenarios and presets

    sections for choosing scenarios
    The appearance of these sections has been updated, making it easier for users to navigate in the available modes. Now for each scenario and preset, there is a description directly in the application interface.

    Extended statistics chart

    Extended statistics
    Team statistics were supplemented with new parameters:
    • Device id;
    • Player’s name;
    • Total frags;
    • Getting points in Capture the Flag;
    • Getting points for shots at the “Bomb” (one of the Multistation modes).


    You no longer need to enter the system data of each individual device, all the script devices are connected automatically and displayed in the software interface.
    Multistation control via the application has become available. The icon of this device can be found in the section of scenario devices.


    We fixed the bugs found by users in the firmware 19.2 update.
    • Players connected to different servers can no longer hit each other.
    • Fixed periodic loss of connection between the headband and (deleted) tager.
    • The number of magazines for additional weapons corresponds to the set parameter.
    • The kit settings (inversion, auto-reload, number of magazines) now save correctly.
    All of the features above will be available to all the new owners of LASERTAG.NET equipment, and for existing users, just update the firmware.
    update the firmware
    Requirements for updating the firmware:
    • Tagger firmware;
    • Lasertag Operator application version from;
    • Headband firmware 5.1 and higher;
    • SIRIUS devices with firmware version from 4.1.
    *all updates are available for the Android app only.