The wise saying is: a picture is worth a thousand words. And we cannot disagree. That is why, on May 21, we will present to you a video presentation of our new laser tag platform – NETRONIC.
    We have already told you about the benefits of the equipment of this generation, but this time we decided to show its functionality visually.
    The speakers of the presentation, Yuri Lavrenov and Michael Obod, the founders of the Company, have 12 years of practical experience in the laser tag and paintball business, and are the owners of paintball clubs and laser tag arenas chain. They know all the particulars of this business firsthand.
    At the video presentation they will demonstrate:
    • how the new platform turns a classic shooter game into an interesting intellectual mission;
    • how to control game kits, additional devices, the staff, and your own funds using the smart software of NETRONIC;
    • how to adapt the equipment for the audience of any age and how to motivate players to come to your laser tag center again.
    Watch the video and see for yourself – NETRONIC is the equipment that will make you the leading laser tag club in your niche!
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