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Natale Laganà is a LASERTAG.NET dealer in Italy!

On the left - Natale Summa, on the right - Natale Laganà

We want to introduce you to our official Italian representative - Natale Laganà from Messina. Our collaboration started back in 2017, when Natale was creating his Underworld entertainment center and purchased our Galaxy Pulse indoor kits. A year later, Natale became our official representative in Italy.

Natale was very active in supporting our company - helping with trade shows, giving presentations to Italian customers and inviting potential customers to events before us. After Natale became our dealer, he helped open more than 20 Italian laser tag centers equipped with LASERTAG.NET. He also has a partner Natale Summa who has made a great contribution to the development of the laser tag industry in Italy.

Natale Laganà has thoroughly studied our product and also proved to be a professional technical support. Every year of the partnership, we receive more and more enthusiastic feedback from his customers stating that Natale provides the highest level of service, technical and customer support.

In 2021, Natale upgraded the Galaxy Pulse kits to the Galaxy Eclipse. In addition to the futuristic laser tag, he also opened a Fallout-style quest room. Now, his Underworld arena is one of the largest, most innovative and popular in all of Sicily. In 5 years, he has gained the trust of Italian entrepreneurs and now helps to open new laser tag centers in Italy every month.
Natale! The LASERTAG.NET team would like to sincerely thank you for your responsibility and attentiveness in your work. We appreciate your professionalism and your participation in our company's life. We hope that our partnership will become even more fruitful and we wish you a lot of success in your business!