New dealer in the U.S.

    Since the beginning of 2021, we have got more than 25 new customers in the USA. So, we have a dealer now in order to support our partners more actively and to develop our laser tag business in the USA.
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    Bill Adams - an official dealer of LASERTAG.NET in the USA

    In 2019, Bill opened a mobile club Play207 in Naples, Maine featuring our inflatable tactical bunkers.
    A year later, he became interested in the capabilities of our laser tag equipment and supplemented the club's arsenal with premium FALCON game kits.

    Customer support in the USA

    Now, you have the possibility to:
    • come and personally evaluate the capabilities of the equipment;
    • be consulted on matters related to the equipment and business as a whole;
    • receive test-drive kits much faster.
    LASERTAG.NET collaborates with more than 15 dealers across 4 continents, see the full list and contacts on the Dealers page.