Lasertag is an exciting team game. Intuitive rules, no pain, a large selection of scenarios make this game an excellent type of outdoor activities.
    Lasertag is played by both adults and children but it is the most popular among younger age groups. The statistics obtained from our customers and the study of data from our own lasertag centers shows that 70% of all players are children.
    Organizing and conducting a children’s game of lasertag has its own unique features. We have prepared the top 10 recommendations based on our own experience.

    How to take an order?

    At the stage of taking the order you should clarify with the parents their wishes for the game. Will it just be a classic game or a birthday party of one of the participants? In this case, it is necessary to prepare a special gift for the birthday child. It may be a diploma on letterhead or another memorable souvenir. There may also be preferences on the duration of the game, like if there is a need for breaks or not.
    Ask questions about the players. Are all participants the same age? Are there any children with physical disabilities or those that require greater attention? Taking into account these and other possible factors, you can arrange a really exciting lasertag battle for all the participants.

    How to choose an instructor for the game?

    To work successfully with children, the instructor may not have pedagogical education, but must have certain skills. Necessary personal qualities are sociability, amiability, moral stability, ability to empathize. A distinctive feature of a good instructor is organizational skills and the ability to quickly make a decision.
    He can, and in some cases even need to play with children. This is necessary to liberate the participants and to show all aspects of the game by personal example.

    What should be the equipment for children like?

    Some certain laser gun parameters are important for children. First the weight of the equipment. It should be light (no more than 1 kg.) So that the child can play comfortably even for a long time.
    The size of a gun is also important. If it is too small, you have to constantly keep it elevated, which is why your hands get tired quickly. With a large size of the gun children simply feel uncomfortable playing. The butt is held under the arm or thrown over the shoulder.
    The body form of a gun should be safe. There should be no sharp corners or protruding components that can injure a child in a collision with another player or a cover.
    One of the gaming set options successfully proven in practice is Falcon F1. Low weight (850 g), shortened butt, safe body shape. Everything you need for children from 5 years.
    Before the game, give out the equipment in a deactivated state and turn it on only on the playground after the briefing. It is necessary that children do not start playing as soon as they get a gun.

    How to conduct a briefing?

    It is impossible to capture the attention of children if the instruction is long and boring. In this case, some of the rules will be ignored and we’ll have to explain the basic principles of lasertag to each player separately during the game.
    When instructing, it is necessary to line up the children in front of the instructor, so that everyone can see him and his actions. The rules for handling equipment and the rules of the game should be told loudly and clearly. Do not be rude and don’t answer in a harsh way.
    Children should be told that lasertag is a game, not a military battle. Therefore, a gun can not be used as a short-range weapon, or thrown at the enemy.
    The instructor must make sure that the rules and the idea of the game were understood by absolutely everyone. To do this, he must ask the children to repeat all actions following him: how to hold the gun, where to find the reload button, how to aim, and so on.
    Stop the players when fooling around, making it clear that this simply slows down the process of the game. If children are too active, the instructor can answer questions only if the child raises a hand.

    How to divide children into teams?

    The division into teams is often the cause of heated debate. Discussion of who will play and in which team may take a long time without the control of this process.
    We recommend that you independently identify two captains who will take turns in recruiting participants into their team. If a company of players celebrates a birthday, make a birthday child one of the captains. Otherwise, he may be offended if he is not among the first to join one of the teams.
    For easy and quick division into teams, you can use the functionality of the Android application. In the program settings, click Auto Sort and the all active players will be randomly assigned to teams.

    What should be considered during the game?

    Attention should be paid to timid and shy children who are afraid to shoot or move around the site. If the instructor notices this, he should go straight to the child during the fight and re-explain all the incomprehensible aspects of the game. If this does not help, take a gun and show how to play, becoming a child’s bodyguard for a few minutes.
    If a group of players consists of children of different ages, care must be taken of the youngest ones. The instructor can increase several times the number of health points. The smallest players will be able to actively participate in the gameplay and others will be interested in playing with them.
    For children with physical disabilities assign a role to play due to which they will be on a par with the rest. For example, the Sniper. The instructor may increase their damage power or the number of lives without other players noticing. Because of this, the child will be excited about achievements, which he earned without any help.
    Children who require special attention are sometimes called “difficult.” It is often a noisy and lively child, an informal leader who influences others. Make him responsible for order in his team. Such a child, receiving the desired attention and responsibility for others, will independently maintain discipline among children.
    For the youngest visitors (up to 8 years old) use the Kids Mode. It is designed for easy gameplay and quick immersion in the game. Its functionality includes automatic recharge and respawn, an infinite number of ammo and other features available in the new platform NETRONIC.

    How to increase the immersion in the gameplay?

    “Capture the building”, “Hold the Domination box ”, “Team Deathmatch”, all these and many other scenarios are well known to children from the world of computer games. Lasertag takes the child to the battlefield, where he is the main character and influences the outcome of the battle. Just like in your favorite games on the monitor screen, but only in real life!
    For an exciting game, use additional interactive devices. They make lasertag battle even more fun by increasing the immersion in the game.
    One of these devices is the SIRIUS scenario device. By placing it on the site, you can create an unlimited number of scenarios, thanks to 7 available modes: “Base”, “Respawn”, “Radiation”, “First Aid Kit”, “Bonus”, “Arsenal”, “Random”.
    The SMART domination box is a device that records players’ capture, summarizes the capture time and determines the winning team. The domination box can be used in 5 modes: capture for time, triple capture, tug-of-war, capture by shots and raising the flag.
    Smoke pellets can be used to achieve the “Wow effect”. As practice shows, colored smoke is in high demand. Pyrotechnics can only be used with the parents’ approval!
    For security reasons, it is necessary that the pellets are always held only by the instructor! He must set fire to the wick and throw a smoke bomb at the place shown by the player.
    Сamouflage uniforms and collimator sights create additional atmosphere. Dressed in a protective uniform, the child imagines being a special forces agent on the mission. The use of a telescopic sight enhances this effect and also allows even the smallest players to hit the target.

    How to support the positive attitude of all participants?

    The outcome of each battle determines the winning team. Children are emotional and may react emotionally to the defeat of their team. In some cases, the least effective participant can leave the field without waiting for the end of the game.
    The instructor should calm this child and give some valuable tactical advice. If he continues to be capricious and refuses to play, you should not persuade him for a long time, because the rest of the children are waiting for the instructor. Constantly focusing on one child, the instructor may lose touch with other children. Players should not feel like you have a “pet”.
    Send this child to rest. Usually he returns to the site after a few minutes, realizing that all players are in equal conditions. If after 10 minutes the child does not come back, the instructor should talk with him again. Convince him to play with the others, because the team needs him and will not be able to win without him.
    n order for all players to feel like heroes, the instructor needs to highlight the merits of each player. This must be done in accordance with their style of play: the most accurate shooter, the fastest player, etc. Almost all the parameters can be the object of your praise, from the effectiveness of hitting to the amount of ammunition spent.

    How to finish the game so that everyone is happy?

    In the course of the game, try to use different scenarios, the last of which will be “Zombies”. This is one is the most popular mission among children, confronting the instructor with two joint teams. This script allows you to rally all children against one common “enemy”.
    The second option of the final scenario is a game against a team of parents. Winning in such a battle, the children will be delighted, because their parents are the main people and undisputable authorities.

    What to do to make the visit memorable?

    After the game, reward all children with gifts. It can be souvenirs with the symbols of your club: stickers, badges on the pin, fridge magnets and so on. These pleasant, unexpected gifts make the participants share their emotions with friends and motivate to come back to you again.
    It is necessary to pay special attention to children, because for them every game of lasertag is a big adventure. Remember that the most important thing for a child is not the victory of his team or the number of points scored. The main thing is positive emotions during the game and after it.