Individual statistics interest every player who has ever played laser tag. This is a great opportunity to track your results, as well as compare it with the performance of other players.
    After the release of NETRONIC 19.1 firmware, it became possible to save and print personal statistics of each player using the Android application.
    At the end of the laser game, you can save personal statistics in PDF format to print this file and provide the player with a memorable form with personal statistics.

    How to save personal statistics?

    To save files with personal statistics of each player, you need to go to the menu item “Player statistics” of the Android application. Then click the yellow button that displays a document. The pop-up window will ask you to save or share statistics files. You can print saved PDF files on ordinary A4 sheets. To improve the visitors’ impression, it is recommended to do color printing on thick, glossy paper.

    What information is displayed on a personal form?

    The form displays both general information about the game and detailed statistics with player’s score. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand form, so that even the smallest players will be able to get acquainted with the result of the game.

    General information

    Each player’s personal form displays general data about the game, such as:
    • Name and ID of the participant, name and color of their team;
    • Date and time of the laser game;
    • Team statistics and overall result.

    Personal statistics

    Players can find the following information in the personal statistics:
    • Achievements received for various actions. A player can receive several rewards at the same time. For example: a player with maximum accuracy receives the achievement “Sniper”, the one who has earned the maximum number of points receives the title “Expendable”;
    • Game account – the score;
    • The number of given shots and hits, as well as the percentage of accuracy;
    • Number of times a player deactivated somebody or got deactivated;
    • Efficiency – the ratio of points to deactivations;
    • Maximum combo – it shows the number of deactivations of opponents made in a row before the defeat;
    • The rank of the player among the players as a whole or teammates according to the score.
    The player will also be able to find out how many times he/she deactivated an opponent using the “Victims” table. Information on how many times each opponent deactivated a player is indicated in the table “Offenders”.

    How can your laser tag center profit from personal statistics?

    The form serves as the business card of your laser tag club, as you can print your logo and contacts on it. Many visitors take photographs of printed forms and publish them on social networks, so they attract attention to the laser tag club by advertising it. The forms will also serve as a pleasant reward for all players (especially children).
    The statistics file can be published on the official page of your laser tag club on social networks. The visitors will like and repost it, which will draw attention to your facility.
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