How to prepare a laser tag center for Christmas

    New Year’s holiday is a time when people spend a lot of money on gifts, shopping, and entertainment. During these days laser tag business owners have an important task to attract as many visitors as possible.
    In this article we will tell you how to prepare your club for the New Year’s holidays, how to organize an unforgettable event and how to find customers. Take some practical advice from!


    1. Event concept formation

    Plan in advance what your holiday program will include. Visitors will expect from you something more than what you offer them on usual days.
    You can focus on creating a unique story game with a well-developed laser tag scenarios and using game props. We recommend making two options that will differ in meaning and tasks, for children and adults.
    The only disadvantage of this concept is the significant time and money investment. The advantage is a complex entertainment program that your guests will recommend to friends. The alternative is to adapt existing scenarios to the Christmas theme. In this case, you will spend much less time than when creating a story game, and also you will save on props.

    2. Festive location decoration

    The decoration of the laser tag center during the Christmas holidays will create an atmosphere of a real holiday for customers. You can the services of interior designers. Today there are many agencies that can work on decorating the premises professionally.
    To save money, you can use the services of such companies, only partially and do most of the work yourself. You can also use your imagination and decorate the laser tag center yourself.
    Use string to decorate the ceiling by attaching paper snowflakes ,Christmas balls , and foam balls to them. Tinsel and garlands placed on the ceiling must be firmly fixed. Give preference to light decorations that will not hurt anyone if they fall.
    paper snowflakes
    Do not place decorations on lighting fixtures, and don’t use candles. Observing fire safety rules, you will avoid spoiling the holiday for yourself or your visitors. Buy some New Year costumes for the instructor to wear. The game against Santa Claus will appeal to both adults and children.
    Make a stock of fairy-tale characters attributes and put notes with roles in an empty box. After everyone pulls out a note and gets his role, give out the attributes of these characters to the participants. For example, the crown will be worn by the Snow Queen , Santa Claus will put on a cap, etc.

    3. The holiday entertainment for customers

    To cheer up the visitors, place a box with notes in the reception area. The notes can contain short poems and wishes. Instead of New Year’s greetings, you can write humorous puzzles, and give a prize for solving them.
    Give each player a memorable souvenir. These can be inexpensive gifts with your laser tag center branding: pens, notebooks, bracelets, pins. You can order branded souvenirs in almost any printing house.
    We recommend preparing several contests and offering them to visitors based on their activity and age. Guests who prefer a passive rest will quickly get tired of active contests, and entertainment for adults are not suitable for companies with children.


    New Year Marathon
    Here you should use your memory, since the essence of the competition is to remember the largest number of films that take place in winter or directly on New Year’s Eve.
    Describe without words
    Several participants are selected, and they take turns pulling sheets with words out of the box. Their task is to show what is written on the sheet using gestures and facial expressions. The most artistic player wins.
    Blind pirate
    According to the legend, an old blind pirate guards a treasure on his ship. From each team, two participants are selected who will hunt for treasures. Blindfold them. Different objects are laid out next to them: toys, tools, clothes, etc. This is the pirate treasure. The game starts on a signal: treasure hunters need to grab items, and the pirate has to catch them. The participant, who was caught 3 times, leaves the game. The team with the most treasure captured wins.
    Throw a ring
    Place empty and filled bottles of various drinks on the floor. The participants need to throw a ring on one of the bottles at a distance (at least 3 meters). Anyone who can throw a ring on a filled bottle will receive it as a prize. It is necessary to limit the number of shots of each participant.


    Relay race with tangerines
    You’ll need to divide the guests into two teams. Place a pair of trays with tangerines away from the participants. Everyone’s task is to run up to the tray with a tablespoon and put a tangerine in it, then bring the tangerine to the team, passing the spoon to the next participant. The team that first brings all the tangerines from its tray wins.
    The Artist
    For this competition, it is necessary to give each participant a marker and a balloon. Children should draw their parents on the balloon. Those who can draw the most realistic portrait win.
    Fast as the wind
    Children gather around a table with toys or sweets on it. This is a gift from Santa Claus, which will go to the fastest participant. You can take a toy or a sweets only if a previously agreed number is said. You begin to count skipping the necessary number, but still call it at the most unexpected moment. A child who will react faster than anyone and grab a gift is a winner.
    The Theatre
    The participants must be divided into several teams. Each of the teams is given a task to perform a fairy tale. The team performance of which is the most interesting wins.

    4. The scenarios for the outdoor laser tag

    One of the simplest and most effective ways to diversify the game of laser tag is to use existing scripts and apply New Year’s themes for them. Lasertag.Net equipment has rich functionality with which you will be able to conduct an exciting laser tag battle.
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    A very popular scenario among children. The instructor is the Grinch, against which the players are fighting. It is advisable for the instructor to put on a mask or costume to enhance the heme of the game. The Grinch has a large supply of health units and ammo. Deactivated players become Grinch’s minions and play for his team (the color of the headband changes.) The winning team is the one that can deactivate the entire rival team.
    The instructor can take a bag of sweets, which he will throw on the ground after he is hit. Children will not only defeat serious opponents but will also cheer themselves up with candies.
    Parameters: Battle time – 5 minutes
    health units – 800
    damage – 50
    health units – 200
    damage – 50
    health units – 300
    damage – 25
    Set the Santa Claus free
    All players are divided into “Captors” and “Defenders”, and there is one Santa Claus, who in turn plays for one of the teams. Santa Claus is usually an instructor. In the beginning of the round, he is in the center of the site. Santa Claus cannot move on his own and starts to follow someone if one of the players takes him by the hand.
    Santa Claus has the same number of health units as the other players and can be deactivated by shots. “Defenders” lose the battle if Santa Claus is deactivated. The “Captors” team wins if they take Santa Claus to the base. “Defenders” win if they can prevent it during the preset time for the battle. The teams consist of stormtroopers, snipers and medics.
    Parameters : Battle time – 5 minutes, friendly fire for both teams – yes, preset for Santa Claus – Hostage,in settings activate red team (people) and yellow team (Santa Claus)
    health units – 100
    damage – 100
    health units – 100
    treatment – 25
    health units – 100
    damage – 25
    Gift hunt
    One of the most exciting scenarios in the outdoor laser tag is the confrontation between the two teams. SIRIUS Scenario devices in the Respawn mode are located at the bases so that affected players can restore their health and return to the battle. Boxes with gifts, painted in the colors of teams, are scattered on the site. For each team there is the same number of boxes. The winner is the party that will first collect all the gifts of its color in the time preset for the battle.
    • Battle time – 5 minutes
    • health units – 100
    • damage – 25
    • cartridges – 30
    • magazines – 5

    5. Scenarios for Indoor Laser Tag

    For themed games, use the predefined scripts available in the latest version of the Windows software. The game mechanics of these missions can be easily adapted to the New Year’s theme. You can also use the script designer to create a unique festive laser tag battle.
    Snowmen battle
    The scenario in which everyone plays for himself. Players need to hit targets that are located throughout the site (SIRIUS, MULTISTATION). Unaffected targets glow evenly, and deactivated targets pulsate for a while, after which they begin to capture hits again.
    Players get 1 point for deactivating the target. Points are not given if you hit the other players. The player with the most number of points wins. Freeze the opponents with shots to gain time by hitting as many targets as possible. A frozen player is allowed to move around the ground, but he will not be able to shoot, the game kit will be inactive for 5 seconds after being hit.
    Arena Name – The Virus Elimination
    • health units – 100
    • invulnerability time – 5 sec.
    • shock time – 5 sec.
    • cartridges – endless
    • magazines – endless
    The New Year fuss
    A team battle in which players can only be respawned at their Bases. It is necessary to hit not only the players of the opposite team, but also the enemy Base. For hitting an opponent, players get 1 point, for deactivation – 2 points, and for every hit in the opponent’s base – 10 points.
    The New Year fuss
    Deactivating the enemy base gives more points than deactivating players, but it is more difficult to do. It is necessary to make careful raids into the rear of the enemy territory, but not to spend too long near their Base, or it will inflict damage on everyone within given radius. The winning team is the one with the most points.
    Arena Title – Base Assault
    • health units – 100
    • damage – 25
    • cartridges – 30
    • magazines – 7
    Christmas tag
    Dynamic mode for two teams. The player earns 1 point for hitting an opponent, 2 points for his deactivation. Deactivated by shots, the player begins to fight for the opposite team. Participants constantly change the color of the side they are playing for, until only one team remains or the battle time ends.
    Arena Title – Mind Capture
    • health units – 100
    • damage – 50
    • cartridges – 10
    • magazines – 10

    6. Promoting the event

    Post a description of the holiday games with the date on your website and social networks. Pay attention to the text as well as the visual component to arouse interest and convey to the readers the value of your proposal. To enhance the effect, design the site with the symbols of the holiday. You need to change only some elements: images, fonts, icons.
    The sooner you inform your visitors about the Christmas program, the more pre-orders you will provide for yourself. Do not be limited to a few days. For maximum profit, choose a period of two weeks.
    Take care of attracting visitors. Use as many promotion resources as possible:
    – Prepare the web-site
    Information about the event must be placed on your website / landing page. Thus, you will have solved several tasks at once. A site is the best way to inform people in detail about an event and attach a story, photo, video. Visitors can also register on the site and, if necessary, make payment for participation.
    – “Meetings” on social networks
    One of the easiest methods to attract an audience. You will not need any financial expenses to create a meeting. In order to interest the subscribers, raffle off a few tickets to the event, gifts from the organizers and prizes from the partners. Winners should not be announced immediately, but a few days before the event, in order to get the maximum number of reposts.
    – Targeted advertising
    An effective way to promote an event on social networks with maximum response. Setting up ads on Facebook allows you to display your advertisement to those visitors who are your target audience.
    – Contextual advertising
    Advertising that is configured in accordance with the interests of Internet users. In this case, the ad will be shown only to those who performed a similar search query. This promotion tool requires professional skills.
    – Calling the customers base
    A promotion method that does not practically require investments. If you have a customer base, you can make an effective presentation of the event for your visitors. Also, using a phone call, you can get feedback from your customers.
    – Distribution of leaflets
    It does not require a large budget. You need to pay for the printing of leaflets, and the work of several promoters, best placed in crowded places (mall, city square).
    Gather guest reviews about what they liked and what they disliked. Do not miss the opportunity to change the content of the entertainment program, in accordance with the wishes of the customers. Understand the problems that arise during the preparation and write down your own recommendations for the future. Be sure to reward the members of your team who helped organize the Christmas laser tag adventure.

    We have prepared for you graphic layout templates to promote your event! You can download them using the button below. Use them to print thematic posters, as well as for posting on social networks and on the site.
    We wish you unforgettable and profitable New Year’s holidays with Lasertag.Net!