The IAAPA expo 2019 in Paris just closed and it is time to sum it up. For these three days our booth was visited by about 500 people, among which were businessmen, entrepreneurs and some who want to create unusual entertainment.

Meetings with clients from Denmark, France, Israel, Portugal and Italy were especially warm. Our French and Italian partners joined us to help hold the presentations – we really appreciate it!

Tactical bracelet – the laser tag industry will never be the same!

The main novelty of our booth was the tactical bracelet. This is a device that fixates hits and gives the injured player a light electric impulse. Every visitor wanted to try it on themselves.

It will definitely attract the attention of more mature players, and also paintball fans who lacked thrill in laser game. Visitors of our booth described the bracelet as a device that will turn the laser tag industry upside down.

Tactical laser tag guns


The military realistic weapon fans got interested in the mock-ups of new tactical laser tag guns. The GLOCK gun has a licensed casing from the German company URAMEX, a double emitter and realistic reloading with the magazine. We created the metallic casing for the M4 rifle, as well as realized the authentic reload cycle.

The tactical vest of the new generation has 13 hit sensors that makes the game with differentiated damage even more realistic. In general, all military theme fans are waiting for the tactical equipment branch to be released.

GALAXY new generation


The arena game kits of the new generation dragged the attention of every visitor at our booth. Despite the fact that it was placed in the glass aquarium, every second visitor asked us to try it and take a photo.

The futuristic design of the blaster and vest, bright shot and hit illumination were so popular with visitors that many of them were ready to pre-order directly at the booth.

Laser tag conquers new horizons!

Experienced businessmen understand how important it is to provide visitors with a nontrivial entertainment. That is why many owners of quest rooms, trampoline and karting centers are interested in integrating laser tag in their businesses. A combined entertainment not only highlights your club, attracting more clients, but also significantly rises the average bill. We have experience in successfully integrating laser tag in quest rooms, trampoline and karting centers. We are always open to new collaboration!

Functionality of the new firmware and convenient software


Despite the fact that the new 19.1 firmware was released not so long ago, existing clients already managed to familiarize with the release and attended the expo to test themselves shoot through option, differentiated damage, the autonomous operation of the laser tag gun and headband and many other game modes.

The software also caused only vivid emotions. The application interface was clear for everybody, and the fact that to configure game kits and start the game is enough to make a few clicks – surprised everybody!

Support years after purchase

Support years after purchase

The OLED-display and impulse recoil imitation still attract attention. Having visited the expo, many clients, that already have game sets of previous generations, decided to use the trade-in service to upgrade their equipment. Laser tag centers want to keep up to date with the most advanced equipment, and LASERTAG.NET always meets the needs of customers!

Complete business solution

Many customers were surprised by the fact that we also manufacture the inflatable AIRBUNKER bunkers. We provide ready-made equipment for opening a mobile laser tag club. Inflatable bunkers allow to create a laser tag field on any terrain in less than one hour.

A complete solution – it was especially important for entrepreneurs who wanted to open a laser tag business from the ground up.

We have a lot of work to improve the presented concepts and prepare them for the conditions of mass rental. We will be happy to meet you next year at the IAAPA 2020 in London to surprise you with new equipment!

5 – 7 Mar 2024
Dubai World
Trade Centre
Stand 3-C28


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