The safety of the game process and pain absence have played a great role in laser tag popularity. This active game is opened to everyone regardless the age, physical fitness and gender.
    Developing equipment our specialists pay great attention to the players’ safety and indoor laser tag system is not an exception.

    Safe form of the blaster

    Safe form of the blaster
    The case doesn’t have any decorating or moveable details that may hurt a player – all the edges are streamlined.
    Galaxy is the only one laser tag system that has compact gun-butt. It is necessary for comfortable sighting. The length of the case front part is only 29cm, due to the handle shifted to the center.

    Protective rubber tip

    Protective rubber tip
    Each Galaxy blaster is equipped with a bumper made of soft rubber. It provides players with the safe game and protects the blaster from the accident collapses.

    Dynamic shot illumination

    Dynamic shot illumination
    In order to avoid players collapsing in a darkened labyrinth of the arena, the blaster’s case is equipped with a bright illumination. Moreover, the dynamic illumination and shots are synchronized to feel full game immersion.

    Multi-directional two-hand sensor

    Game sets Galaxy are equipped with two-hand sensor. It means that a player can fire only when holding the blaster with two hands, otherwise the game set is blocked and the warning information is shown on the display.
    Optical two-hand sensors that are used in laser tag systems of other manufacturers requires holding a hand only in one certain place. Multi-directional sensor of the Galaxy laser tag system is activated by touching blaster at any part of the fore-end.

    Protection sling

    There is a protection sling on the blasterits binding to the vest. The blaster fixated such a way prevents traumatic situations. This construction excludes abrupt gestures and you may not worry about accident hits.
    Safety system is one of the most important points for laser tag center’s owner. Technologies of the indoor laser tag system Galaxy provides not only interesting game but an absolute safety of players as well.
    Choose actually safe equipment!