Scenarios for indoor laser tag – a complete solution for your arena!

Tired of the same scenarios? There is nothing to surprise regular customers? How about a complex solution from

We have developed the concept of scenarios for the arena laser tag! The whole universe with the plot, fascinating tasks, the description of game mechanics and the preset parameters is waiting for you.

laser tag game scenario

What are the scenarios for arena laser tag?

These are ready-made game modes in which various competitions and awards are presented. Each scenario has its own rules and conditions for victory. All modes are divided by difficulty levels, so it will be interesting for both children and adults. Scripts are tested by our experts – you will play an exciting game!

How can my clients check out new scenarios?

We have worked on the visual component, making scenarios in the space style. Your customers will be able to look at the presentation of the modes in electronic or printed form.

When can I get new scripts?

From now on, we will regularly release new game modes. The first 12 scenarios will be available next week. You can get them for free!

Can’t wait to play? It won’t be long! Follow our news to be the first who gets the scenarios!