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Shock-Fight is a laser tag game with shock-bands, which allows participants to feel the hits as strong as in paintball. But can Shock-Fight be a full-fledged alternative to paintball?

On the Internet, you can find many comparisons of paintball and laser tag. With the release of the SCORPION shock-band, these games obviously have more common, which brought us back to this issue.

We conducted a comparative analysis to determine which type of outdoor activity is more exciting for players, as well as more profitable and promising for business owners. First of all, we were interested in their strengths and weaknesses, so we will only give the facts, and we will leave the conclusions to you.


1.The hit capture


In paintball, a player is considered hit if a spot of paint from a ball is found on him. In most scenarios, the participant is eliminated from the game after the first hit. It is monitored visually by the referee. Sometimes participants continue the battle even if they are hit because they didn’t feel the ball or intentionally removed the paint.

To determine your condition, you can check yourself for hits or ask the referee to do this, which is not always convenient. In a dual-type situation, it is impossible to prove that you shot first, and both players are considered to be hit.


In Shock-Fight you can deactivate a member of the opposing team with a shot to the sensors on a headband, a vest, or the tager itself. The vibro-indication in the sensors is triggered when the player is hit, so the player feels from which side he was shot.

Each shot is captured by the electronics and it disables the kit of the affected player, which forces them to leave the ground or return to the respawn spot without the participation of a referee.
The player can avoid a hit by covering the sensors on the headband with their hands, so the presence of the referee on the ground is still necessary to monitor for such instances.

Disputes between players are resolved based on statistics. It displays the team’s performance as well as the performance of each individual player in real-time.

In Shock-Fight, the player understands that he hit the opponent due to the light indicator in the hit sensors and the notification sound from the tager. Depending on the parameters of damage and health set, you can deactivate a player with one or several hits.

2. The perceptibility of a hit


In paintball to hit an opponent, it’s enough to shoot any part of the body or equipment, due to which the maximum realism of the gameplay is achieved. The player clearly understands which area was hit and the direction the opponent fired from.

The reverse side of the coin is that the ball can hit unprotected and sensitive areas of the body. The speed of the ball, and accordingly, the force of its impact decreases with the distance traveled, but in any case, the hit is noticeable. When fired at close range, the ball can hurt the player’s skin, which leads to bruising.


In Shock-Fight the electrical impulse of the shock-band is transmitted only to the wrist on which it is attached, which, in comparison to paintball, reduces the realism of the game injury, but at the same time, it also reduces the number of bruises on the body. One of the advantages is also the ability to adjust the optimal power for each player shock-band by choosing one of five different modes.

3. Ballistic characteristics


In paintball when the paintball-gun is fired, balls fly along an arched path. The ball’s initial speed of 90 m / s decreases with distance, and therefore, with some skill, you can dodge them.

The accuracy of the shot depends on the distance, type of marker, ball quality, weather conditions (temperature, humidity). The direction of the wind should also be taken into account, since it may affect the trajectory of the ball too. The maximum effective firing range for a paintball to reach the target and burst on impact is 50-70 meters.


In Shock-Fight there are no ballistic properties since there are no physical bullets. The hit is recorded electronically, about 0.03 seconds after the shot. There is a conditional firing accuracy parameter, which is expressed in the diameter of the IR beam spot. At a distance of 50 meters, the diameter of the infrared beam is 30-50 cm, depending on the setting of the emitter’s power.

The firing range depends on the level of illumination of the playing space. In the evening or in cloudy weather, the range of the shot reaches up to 200 m. With bright sunlight, the sensitivity of the sensors decreases, and the striking distance is reduced to 80-100 meters.

4. Game safety


The paintball game does not pose a threat if the basic safety rules are observed: do not remove the mask in the playing area, put a marker on the safety outside the area, put a safety cap on the barrel. Compliance with these measures requires constant attention from the instructor.

Fencing the site with a net is obligatory since the ball’s flight speed of 90 m / s makes it possible to injure a person without protective equipment.

Younger players and women may be given extra protective equipment, but even so, very few people manage to avoid bruises. Depending on the laws of a particular country, participants from the age of 12 to 16 years old may be allowed to play.


In Shock-Fight an IR beam and a shock-band are harmless to the human body. An electric impulse has nothing to do with the current from the shocker, it does not leave bruises or burns on the body. The shock affects the muscles locally, causing a short-term contraction, and does not pass through the entire body. The only restriction on participation in the game applies to people with pacemakers.

The absence of physical projectiles makes the game safe for observers. As in paintball, the recommended age of the participants is associated with individual perception of pain, usually starting from the age of 12 years old.

5. Playing site


It is possible to play paintball both on the street and indoors, but only with strict safety rules: fencing the location with a special net, and the absence of other people in the game zone. It is possible to conduct away games, but in many cases conducting an away game is possible only with the appropriate permission. This is due to the fact that the game may be unsafe for others and after an exciting battle there will be traces of paint everywhere.


In Shock-Fight, like in paintball, a stationary area with artificial and natural shelters can be used. You can also play the game away: in a forest, a recreation center, a summer residence, a school, and even in an office. The playing area does not require external fencing.

6. Scenario variation


There are many scenarios in paintball, but all of them are based on several game mechanics: the affected participant is eliminated from the game before the end of the round or can resume the game under a certain condition. In paintball, props are used to add variety to the game, they are usually flags and shields.


In Shock-Fight you can configure each parameter: damage level, number of health units and ammo, rate of fire, invulnerability time, and much more. As a result, the number of scenarios is limited only by your imagination.

Game props are presented in the form of a variety of electronic devices: domination boxes, first-aid kits, bombs, radiation zones, and mines. Scenario devices allow you to recreate the plots of popular computer games and make scripts more flexible for different ages and the number of participants.

7. Game session time


On average, a paintball game session takes 2.5-3 hours, of which 50-60 minutes are spent between rounds wiping off the paint marks, filling hoppers with balls, and tanks with air. Also, this time allows players to regain strength.


In Shock-Fight, a standard game session lasts 2 hours, during which participants manage to play from 3 to 5 scenarios. The total time for changing locations and/or scenarios takes 15-20 minutes.


1. The necessary equipment for a game


In Paintball, in addition to the basic equipment for each player (marker, mask, uniform), you need supplies other supplies such as balls, a mobile or stationary air station, paper, and water for removing paint.


In Shock-Fight, the player’s kit consists of a tager, a headband/vest, and a shock-band. Participants play in their clothes, but the organizer can provide rental uniforms. A set of scenario devices is also needed to expand the number of game-scripts. No consumables are required.

2. Equipment operation


In Paintball after the game, you need to allocate time for servicing equipment to prepare for the next rental, cleaning paintball guns and masks from paint, refueling air tanks, as well as preparing clean sets of uniforms and supplies. Preparing for a game for 10 people takes an average of 30 minutes.

Hygiene standards require special attention to the disinfection of masks. This is important, because after 5 minutes of playing, condensation from breathing forms on the inside of the mask, and after 15 minutes the mask becomes wet from sweat.

At the end of the day, in addition to cleaning the paintball guns and masks, it is necessary to check the operation of all mechanical elements of the equipment and wash dirty uniforms.

For storage and maintenance of all the equipment (10 sets of equipment) you need a separate warehouse with an area of 60 m² since these are the safety requirements. This size of the warehouse is determined by the number and dimensions of the equipment, and also includes a place to store balls.


In Shock-Fight, to conduct the game you need to charge the game sets and scenario devices. One battery charge lasts for 2 gaming days.

Preparation of equipment between sessions includes the replacement of hygienic cuffs and wiping sets, preparation of the form (if you give it out). Preparing for a game for 10 people takes about 15 minutes, which allows you to receive more visitors in one day.

To store equipment (10 sets of equipment), it is desirable to allocate a separate room of 20 m².


1. Investments and equipment


The investments for starting a paintball business consist of the cost of equipment and supplies. The cost of purchasing balls is about 20-30% of the total turnover.

A minimum set of equipment for starting a business (10 players):

A paintball gun and its components (marker, hopper, balloon)175 * 10 players = $1750
Protective mask $30 * 10 pieces = $300
Camouflage uniform (a stock of different sizes) $15 * 20 pieces = $300
Air refill station (compressor + transport tank + fill station) $3000
Paintball net (100 meters) $490
Accessories (chronograph, ramrod, tubes for balls) $110
TOTAL $5950*

To conduct a game for 10 people, shooting 500 balls for 1 person, you need 5,000 balls, which is equivalent to $90.

*The calculation was made at prices from 06.11.2020.


With Shock-Fight, to start a business, you need game kits, and also the SCORPION shock-band. If you already have equipment, just purchase shock-band.

A minimum set of equipment for starting a business (10 players):

Game sets (tager+ headband) $870 * 10 pieces= $8700
Shock-bands $180 * 10 pieces= $1800
Game based devices (2 SIRIUS Scenario Device + 1 Smart Domination box) $1167
Accessories (wifi router, powerbank) $160
TOTAL $11 827*

*The calculation was made at prices from 06.11.2020.

2. Profit from 1 game


Income Expenses
A bill for the game of 10 people shooting 500 balls for 1 person = $5005000 balls = $90
Sandpaper = $2
Laundry service = $20
Profit $388*

*The calculations take into account only consumables and do not take into account the common costs for games: taxes, rent of a site, payment of an instructor, electricity.


A bill for a game of 10 people with a duration of 2 hours =$450Laundry service (washing sweatbands) = $20
Profit $448*

*The calculations take into account only consumables and do not take into account the common costs for games: taxes, rent of a site, payment of an instructor, electricity.

3. Game price for customers


In paintball, the bill consists of renting equipment, as well as the cost of balls and additional equipment.

Rent 1 set of equipment (marker, mask, uniform) + 500 balls=
$50 * 10 PLAYERS = $500


In Shock-Fight the bill consists only of the rental equipment. The average game duration is 2 hours.

Rental of 1 set of equipment (tager+ shock-band) =
$45 * 10 PLAYERS = $450


We suggest considering this question. Having taken into account all the pros and cons, it is really difficult to give an unequivocal answer, but the fact that fans of active time and adrenaline now have more choices!