The outdoor NETRONIC equipment has a number of functions that increase the realism of the game: shoot-through injuries, bleeding, regeneration, and so on. With the release of the 19.3 firmware, a new function was added that allows you to hit several opponents with one shot – shockwave!
    Shockwave is available for the grenade launcher. An additional weapon that can be assigned to each player. The new function is activated by clicking on the corresponding item in the general or individual settings.


    • A player with the Shockwave function hits an opponent with the grenade launcher.

    • The sensors on the affected player’s headband (vest) transmit an impulse to the rest of the participants, causing damage to everyone within range (5 meters by default). Each participant is hit by the shockwave, transmitting a damage signal to the nearest players.

    • Maximum damage is inflicted on the first player hit by the grenade launcher – 100 health points. Each subsequent player hit by the blast takes less damage.
    The only preset where you can not use a grenade launcher is the Hostage. In all other cases, the grenade launcher can be given to any participant in any scenario or preset.

    Custom settings:

    • Blasting radius – this parameter allows you to adjust the diameter of the blast wave in a percentage ratio – from 1% (7 cm) to 100% (7 meters). The blast wave affects an unlimited number of players who are in the damage radius.

    • The number of players affected by the blast wave can be set as well as the players who will pass the damage coming from the first affected player along the chain. By adjusting this parameter, you can increase or decrease the number of players affected by one shot.


    Another step forward that allows you to experience events previously available only in computer games!
    The shockwave function is available to all new LASERTAG.NET customers, as well as to existing users of our NETRONIC equipment with the firmware versions from 19.3 and higher. You can update the firmware here.