Our Showroom and Service Center at Orlando

Welcome to NETRONIC, a leading provider of laser equipment and services!

Our showroom is the perfect place to personally test and experience our laser tag equipment, ensuring its non-standard capabilities and cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, our team of experts is ready to answer any of your questions and provide a detailed demonstration of our equipment.
  • Equipment testing: The showroom allows customers to try out various models of laser tag equipment in action to better understand which equipment is most suitable for their needs.
  • Consultations and recommendations: NETRONIC can provide customers with consultations and recommendations for selecting laser tag equipment based on their needs and budget.
  • New product demonstrations: The showroom can be used for demonstrating new products that have just appeared on the market.
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    Service center:
  • Equipment maintenance and repair: The NETRONIC service center can provide customers with equipment maintenance and repair services, including diagnostics, component replacement, tuning, and more.
  • Support and software updates: NETRONIC can provide support and software updates for laser tag equipment to improve functionality and performance.
  • Spare parts and components: The service center can provide customers with spare parts and components for laser tag equipment to address any issues that may arise during equipment operation.
  • Technical consultations: The service center can provide customers with technical consultations related to laser tag equipment, such as safety issues, tuning, and more.
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