SIRIUS  — play beyond the edge of stereotypes!

SIRIUS station is an interactive scenario device to involve players into a game process! This device both meets all expectations of players and pleases instructors, being easy-to-set and control!

7 game modes

SIRIUS seven game modes will not let your players get bored even if it is the 100th time they are coming to play on your arena!

Bonus mode, for example, can double player’s lives left. It turn SIRIUS into an interactive device and doubles life points only when player hits it with a shot. This feature allows player to dive into the game process!

Use several SIRIUS devices on your game field simultaneously, having set different mode on each one – this way you will create an infinite number of scenarios of any difficulty level!

Activation by touching — Touch-start technology

Would you like to get a bonus, resume your ammo or health points, double lives or get respawned? It’s all in your hands…literally!

There is no need to wait for the device to work – it is enough to just touch it with your palm and take your “bonus”.

Unlike mechanical buttons that are commonly used in interactive game devices, Touch-start technology features a capacity sensor. Hidden in the body of device it cannot break as well as there is no way dust or moisture can get to inner elements because there are simply no openings!

SIRIUS works just the way you want!

In which of 7 game modes will your SIRIUS station work in? How often will it respawn or hit players and resume their ammo? What will be the color of the team it will be active for? How many times should a player hit the device to deactivate it, and how long will it stay off after the deactivation? All these things depend only on you! Flexible features of each mode allow you to set the device according to the needs of your scenario.

Multifunctional gaming device – play anywhere you want!

SIRIUS can be used both indoors and outdoors. Being small in size and light in weight, it can be placed in any part of the game field on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. You can also adjust IR-emitter, depending on where you are going to use the device – indoors or outdoors.

All device elements are hidden inside the hermetical case, protecting the device from moisture or dust ingress in any weather conditions. Bright RGB-illumination is clearly visible both in dark mazes and under direct sun rays on the open game field.

3 ways to control

There are three ways to control the device: using Smart Remote Control, Android device (tab, smartphone), and PC.  All you need to control the device through Android or PC is to install the provided software or download a free application. Having done this you will easily control the game directly from your working place, run few games simultaneously, and control different game fields at the same time!

In case weather conditions or a place where you run a game prevent you from using an Android-based device or a PC you can still do everything you need by using Smart Remote Control.

These were only five points from SIRIUS list of advantages. They provide complete immersion into game, absolute safety, and complex automation of the game process! Would you like to know about other advantages? Read complete review of the device here!