Superpowers -making your visitors superheroes!

Galaxy ECLIPSE makes you feel like a real superhero and these are not just words! The game kits provide 5 superpowers that empower players, giving them a temporary advantage over their rivals.

In the Operator android application, the arena administrator can set one of five superpowers for each player. The Random mode is also available, in which the player, after each use, receives another random skill!
Superpowers radically transform the arena game, since now the player, during a session, can increase his damage, restore the health of allies, or even become invulnerable!

When does a superpower become active?

After a set amount of time from the start of the game, the power is activated and becomes available. You can track the progress towards activating superpowers on the blaster’s screen (as the indication fills).

When the power becomes active, the icon will cease to be gray, and an audio notification will play from the vest speakers.

How to use a superpower?

To activate the power, the player must hold his hand on the center sensor of the playset for 3 seconds.

When the player puts a hand on the sensor, the game kit will begin to vibrate, indicating that the power is activated. After the power is used, the player will hear the corresponding sound notification, and his kit will change its backlight.

How do the 5 unique superpowers work?

Depending on the chosen ability, upon activation, the player receives one or another enhancement.

There are 5 main superpowers available:

  • Super damage,
  • Power shield,
  • Ninja,
  • Healer,
  • Bomber-man,
  • And the Random mode, in which players get a random skill every time!

Each power has its own duration, at the end of which it ceases to be active. The ability will become available again at the end of the set time!

Max damage – deactivate enemies with one shot!

The power increases the damage rate of the blaster up to 100 units, allowing you to deactivate opponents with one shot. Super damage is a very useful skill for scenarios in the “every man for himself” format since to deactivate an opponent you only need to make 1 shot, while opponents will need to shoot 3-4 times.

Power shield – become invulnerable to all types of damage!

Force shield temporarily makes the player invulnerable to opponents’ shots and radiation! The skill will allow you to easily capture domination boxes and rival bases. A player with a power shield will also be able to effectively cover partners or do reconnaissance in the opponent’s territory.

Ninja – use invisibility to catch your opponent off guard!

Ninja is a power that partially turns off the lighting of the playset, thanks to which the player becomes less visible in the darkened maze of the arena. Only the light indication of the shot is saved, as well as the intelligent illumination of the sensors in case of a hit.

The lack of illumination allows the player to sneak up on the opponent and deactivate him, or quietly go to the base or domination box for further capture.

Healer – replenish your allies’ health!

The Healer ability allows the player to heal himself and all nearby allies. Every 0.25 seconds, the player will heal 25 units of health for himself and all nearby players. This skill is useful for team battles, the player will be able to quickly replenish the health of partners without using scenario devices.

Bomber-man – blow up all nearby players!

After activating the skill, the kit will start a countdown with a corresponding sound indication. 5 seconds after the start of the countdown, the player, accompanied by the sounds of explosions, will begin to inflict 100 damage every 0.25 seconds to all nearby enemies.

The 5-second delay gives opponents a chance to deactivate the bomber-man or move away from him to a sufficient distance, which makes the skill more balanced.

How does the ECLIPSE game set hit and heal everyone around?

The ECLIPSE vest hit sensors have emitters that allow you to hit or heal other players The range of emitters in sensors is up to 4 meters! This way, players can heal allies or deactivate nearby opponents continuing to fire their blaster.

How to set superpowers?

Each superpower can be fine-tuned in three main parameters:

  • Activation time – the time the player needs to hold the hand on the central sensor of the vest of the game set to activate the ability.
  • Activity time – the time that the player will have a super skill.
  • Recovery time – recharge time after using a power.

Superpowers – a unique ECLIPSE function, the hallmark of your laser tag arena

5 superpowers allow you to create new scenarios and characters, as well as make existing heroes even more realistic and interesting for the players! For example, visitors in the role of vampires will be able to periodically become invisible using the ninja ability, and snipers will activate super damage to deactivate opponents with one shot!

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