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Organization of corporate and team building events and school tournaments make up 20% of traffic!

Promotional events as a profit raising tool for your club

Most potential clients for your laser tag club know laser tag game not really well. So the way to explain to your customers what laser tag is and why it is an interesting leisure time activity is to run free promo games. They will assist you in finding not only new customers but also new partners to help promoting your business. Promotional events very often happen during holidays and involve absolutely different companies, suggesting people totally different activities.
In order to use this marketing tool in the most efficient way we can suggest you the following plan of actions.

Cooperation with municipality

Try to get information about both laser tag and your company to as many people as possible. Public events are a steady foundation to increase your potential and real base of clients. Run showcase events in the places where young people spend their time, city picnics, and festivals. Try to make an agreement with school principals and heads of universities about organizing free promotional events for students.


Use active sales and barter tools working with managements of cinemas, clubs, shopping malls, entertainment centers. You can organize their promotion in your laser tag club while they in turn will promote you in their places.
The most popular clients that can turn into your partners are schools and sport organizations. First of all pay attention to sport school and academies, who deal with applied types of sport. Such unusual and exotic at first sight places as dance schools can also become your customers and partners.

Suggest your services to those companies that follow tradition of running teambuilding events. Those are the companies where most potential customers of your laser tag club work.

Usually corporate and teambuilding events are appreciated by:

  • Big companies with a culture of running corporate and teambuilding events;
  • Event agencies;
  • HR managements, networks;
  • IT companies;
  • Visitors of family parks.

Active sales deserve special attention. Usually they bring up to 20% of all income. For this reason approach public structures and corporate clients to suggest your services.

Suggest those companies barter exchange arrangements when you organize a corporate event for them while they in turn promote your laser tag club.

The most popular way of cooperation is work with event agencies. Many of them aim at constant expansion of their events and thus laser tag has all the chances to fall into their eye. The variety of scenarios for laser tag gamemakes it interesting for any audience. Usually event agencies take 10% of a selling amount for attraction of customers.

Organization of school tournaments

Organizing school laser tag tournaments is one of the most successful ways to attract new target audience. Many students who have visited school laser tag tournament further become regular visitors of laser tag clubs. Use discount cards share with participants.

School tournament should be organized in agreement with school principle and can be run as an additional class together with sport classes or as a special event, dedicated to holidays.
Moreover, you can get additional profit by running away games which might not happen during permanent games in a park.

Many potential customers of yours do not want or simply cannot get to your club and to your permanent field. Promotional events on the territory of other clubs or events are exactly what you need to attract doubting potential clients.

Organization of a game during promotional event

After you have agreed on all the details of your participation as well as got all necessary permissions you should prepare the equipment you will use during promo event. We can recommend the following laser tag kit to quickly and easily make up a portable game field:

  • Inflatable bunkers set (22-28 bunkers are optimum quantity)
  • 10-16 Falcon F1 or Falcon F2 laser tag rifles
  • 2 Remote Controls
  • Smart Domination Box
  • Wi-Fi router
  • 2 Sirius
  • 2 stands for Sirius
  • 3 tables (1 table for laser tag guns, 1 – for equipment, and 1 for managers)
  • 1 stand for laser tag equipment
  • Charger (spider)
  • 1 extension cord
  • Tactical pump for inflatable bunkers ((diaphragm pump)
  • Garden vacuum (air blower)

In order to organize a promo event you should choose those objects where there is an option of power supply. But do not refuse any suggestions, even those that do not include any infrastructure whatsoever. You can use garden vacuum (air blower), working with fuel instead of an electric one and a generator to charge laser tag rifles and remote controls. For away games you can as well take few tents where you will present to the visitors advantages of you laser tag club.

Requirements to an instructor during promotional event

You should take 1-3 trainers / instructors for the game. They should do the following to organize a game field:

  • Come 1.5 hours before the event
  • Clean up the place, provided for your club game field
  • Set up game kits
  • Put protective rubber tips on laser tag rifles and attach hygienic cuffs to headbands
  • Put stands, tables, and tents
  • Set up Sirius Multistation
  • Inflate bunkers and place them on the field

As soon as people start coming to the stand all instructors should organize a queue to avoid bum rush and mishmash. For this reason they should create two different queues: one for players and the other one for observers.

Requirements for organizing games for children younger than 12 years old.

  • Not less than 2 adult game organizers for each 10 players who are younger than 12.
  • The simplest equipment stands
  • Strictly limited area of game field

Start of a game

Usually promo laser tag games are run free of charge. But in case those are not only laser tag games that are represented during these promo events and thus quantity of visitors is more than 1000 people then you can set a nominal fee of a game. This will help you to avoid crowds next to your game field as well as to get some cash that will be enough to buy, for example, fuel for garden vacuum (air blower).

Laser tag game during promotional event is actually not different to games in permanent club. But due to high demand you should not set Smart Domination Box for more than 1 minute. These configuration will make a usual game last for about 3 minutes and the longest one – maximum 5 minutes. This mode will allow you running about 2 games.

During the game itself, when parents are watching their children playing, you should not bother them. Let them enjoy the game of their children and see how interesting and dynamic laser tag game is, how safe laser tag weapons are, and how much their children like the game.

After a game

Immediately after the game on your game field is over suggest to each one who didn’t play but who enjoyed a game to fill in a special form – you can use the following template:

  • Name and Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number and email
  • Accounts in social networks
  • Agreement to get information from the club

For the rest of people try to give out as many promo materials as possible

Those can be:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Booklets

If you are partnering with LASERTAG.NET then our sales manager will provide you with all templates for free. We also advise using discount cards. They are really popular among customers.