The advantages of inflatable bunkers for laser tag clubs

A lot of laser tag centers use inflatable bunkers. With their help you can equip a mobile site.

Most entrepreneurs start laser tag business with a mobile club. It is convenient and profitable. The inflatable field is transported to the game place in the trunk of a car, and the installation of the field does not take more than 1 hour. There are no expenses for the construction of the landfill and land lease.

Stationary laser tag centers do not refuse from inflatable shelters. This is an additional profit when conducting away games, and effective advertising when organizing promotional events and sports competitions.

Why inflatable shelters?

  • Functionality

    The inflatable pieces can be used not only for the organization of away games but also as a stationary site.

  • Profitability

    Payment for the use of the inflatable field is charged separately from the game. The use of inflatable shelters increase the average bill by 30%.

  • Additional profit

    One of the striking examples is school tournaments, which are held in gyms or on the open areas of educational institutions. In every city there are dozens, or even hundreds of schools. Organize a tournament in each individual school or competition between all schools in your city.

  • Safety

    It is simply impossible to get injured in a collision with soft pieces,unlike natural or man-made objects. Children from 5 years old can play on the playground equipped with inflatable shelters.

  • Time saving

    The shelters inflate very quickly. An inflatable playground is built in an average of 40 minutes.

  • Adaptability

    Inflatable figures allow you to create a variety of game locations, adapting the field to the size of the site or the necessary scenario.

  • Durability

    The PVC fabric is used to manufacture inflatable pieces. The shelter service life is over 10 years!

The specialists receive statistics from laser tag centers around the world. These are our partners who regularly provide feedback. Therefore, we are well aware of what loads inflatable shelters are exposed to during operation.

Years of experience have pushed us to create the AIRBUNKER brand. World-class quality at an affordable price!


  • High-strength PVC fabric (680 g / m²) from leading manufacturers.
  • Double weld technology for extreme loads.
  • Practical Push & Go valve for quick fixation.
  • Reinforced rope resistant to jerks.
  • Handles for transporting the pieces.
  • 16 color options.
  • The ability to brand your logo.

Inflatable shelters allow you to play games in a safe area with minimum effort. This is a ready-made solution not only for beginning entrepreneurs, but also for existing laser tag clubs.

Find out the price of inflatable shelters for your club. To do this, use an online chat or click the button Call me back!