One of the biggest problems in laser tag is that people simply “do not know about it”. They are used to celebrate their birthdays by going to bowling, but are not accustomed to have laser tag parties on that occasion. It is still a novelty, and in many locations an uncharted territory waiting to be flagged.

Sure enough, there are some cities in Europe with up to 20 laser tag arenas, however, most of them are not very serious. We, too, have arenas of that kind here, they would host a couple of games a month, but I think one should not call it a business. It is more of a hobby than anything else. As a rule they have no own playground, have no infrastructure. I even would not call them arenas, but rather a some kind of hobby groups.

I believe the laser tag trend will follow that of paint ball. We all know, that every now and so often people go to the club not only to play, but to celebrate an event. If there are many laser tag clubs in your city, you should shift your focus towards creating a recreation space, where people can have a picnic, a birthday party. This will work 100% for developing your business.

And you do not necessarily have to brake people’s habits, but should rather adapt to them.

By the way, one of the arenas I coach succeeded in boosting their laser tag attendance figures over two months on account of birthday parties alone to their paint ball levels, and they have been hosting paint ball games for 6 years now.