The first day of the IAAPA-2019 is in high gear! This is one of the biggest exhibition of equipment for amusement parks and entertainment that gathers great quantity of companies from all over the world in one place.
Over 600 companies engaged in entertaining sphere take part in this event today in Paris. And Company is one of them.
Over 600 companies
All day long our experts show the guests the latest developments in the laser tag industry. The day isn’t over yet, but we have already managed to hold dozens of presentations, as well as business meetings with our active clients from France, Israel and the Netherlands.
clients equipment at IAAPA-2019:
  • Outdoor laser tag platform – NETRONIC;
  • NETRONIC-based game devices: vest with hit sensors, electrical impulse bracelet, M4 rifle, Glock 19 gun;
  • Indoor laser tag system GALAXY ;
  • Indoor and outdoor game kits of new generation;
  • Interactive game-based devices: SIRIUS, MULTISTATION, SMART DOMINATION BOX;
  • Inflatable bunkers for laser tag, paintball, archery tag and nerf;
  • Prototypes of devices under development.
Where: Paris, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
When: from September 17th to 19th equipment

How to get to our booth? Watch the video below!

Hurry up! Visit our booth 4304 and test all the features of our equipment and software.