The first start – how to control the game kits through Android application

Using the well thought-out program Operator, you can control the game through your tablet or smartphone from anywhere in your laser tag center.

In this video is presented the detailed instruction how to use the app to automatize the whole game process.
After watching the video, you’ll be able to:

  • Run the game via the application;
  • Assign game kits to teams;
  • Choose a scenario or create your own one;
  • Detailed configuration of each game kit;
  • Watch the game process online;
  • Get game statistics, print it or upload it to your club’s public.

And that list doesn’t include all the things that you can do right from your phone without being tied to the workplace. Watch the video to learn about all the features of the application!

NOTICE, that app Operator is available for downloading at PlayMarket FOR FREE.

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If you have just bought laser tag equipment by Lasertag.Net and don’t know how to run it – watch the first part of the video.