Modern technologies change the world and moves with the times, modernizing existing and developing new technologies in the world of laser tag! Today we are ready to announce a complete transition to the laser tag platform of the new generation – TAGNET.
    We introduce a reliable and easy-to-use tool for managing equipment and laser tag business. The most advanced software, with extended functionality, reliable gaming kits with unique features that will make you change the way you look at the laser tag business and gameplay!
    Due to the software and hardware developed from scratch, we managed to achieve stability and high speed equipment on our platform. Now the owners of laser tag clubs have the opportunity to develop their laser tag business without unnecessary investments, without being distracted by unnecessary work and possible problems with the equipment.

    Stable connection of the equipment via Wi-Fi with the ability to control using a phone, tablet or computer

    The basis for the new platform was the transition from a radio channel to Wi-Fi, and therefore the equipment of the game kits with Wi-Fi-modules. New boards with Wi-Fi modules are covered with several layers of lacquer, which keeps moisture from getting inside.
    Wi-Fi today is the most stable and secure data channel for people, which allows you to quickly deploy a network that provides data transfer between game kits and the managing program for these kits, via a Wi-Fi router.
    This network has an increased noise immunity of data and also a flexibility in its maintenance that distinguishes it from the other radio channels. In addition, most mobile devices can be connected to it since the network uses a worldwide standardized data exchange protocol. Thus the connection between the rifle and the bandage is provided by the operation of the radio channel.
    Due to the use of this hybrid system, we were able to ensure uninterrupted connection between the equipment, and a high speed of command transmission from a computer or phone to the game kit. is working on implementing the Wi-Fi module in all the additional devices and create a stable connection with them. The tablet, phone or computer connects to the router, which provides the transfer of information from the computer to the game kits without the Internet connection.
    Using this system, we have managed to get:
    • A response speed up to 1 second. On the command sent via Wi-Fi, there is an immediate synchronous reaction of dozens of game kits.
    • A coverage area with the size of 2 football fields. The Wi-Fi-router provides a stable signal in the area, with a radius of up to 150 meters.
    • Mobility. Using a power-bank for a Wi-Fi router, will make your laser tag club mobile and allow you to conduct visiting game in any location.
    An applied Wi-Fi-module is absolutely safe for health and works in the band of radio frequencies allowed in our country (2.4 Hz), according to the current legislation.
    The hardware of the new platform guarantees a stable connection between the equipment and ensures a high speed of response of the laser tag equipment to the commands transmitted by the server.

    The strengthened Falcon case – a reconsideration of the standard of reliability

    Falcon, since its release in 2014, has established itself as the most reliable and safe game set, which is confirmed by its long-term operation in hundreds of laser tag clubs in Spain, Germany, France, England, Mexico, the USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and 17 countries of Europe and the world.
    To this day, the mold of this rifle has undergone a number of upgrades, we have strengthened the case connection spots and the fastening racks for new electronics. For additional protection from hits, vibration, dust and moisture, we have developed polyurethane stem platforms for the control board of the rifle, LCD screen, built-in impact sensors and battery. This solution reduces the risk of mechanical damage of the rifle and built-in electronics when used at the rental all the year round, and increases the period of its operation.

    10 indicators on the LCD screen for easy setup and more fun game

    The screen with the new firmware displays simultaneously 10 indicators with information (the number of lives, injuries, hits, shots, the level of charge, kit-id, Wi-Fi signal, a firmware version of the headband and laser tag gun, for an easy firmware installation if necessary, etc.), which will be interesting for the player and will facilitate the work of the instructor.
    The player can directly view the information about the game during gaming and build a further strategy based on the information received to achieve the victory.
    And due to the information about the settings of the game kit (such as the battery level, kit-id, indication of the connection to the Wi-Fi server, etc.) displayed on the screen, the instructor can prepare the equipment for the rental much faster.

    The only laser tag weapon in the world with an impulse recoil simulation

    recoil simulation
    Your club will become a real magnet for fans of outdoor activities and laser tag due to the fact that players can feel the reality of each shot not only through the sound, but also through the impulse recoil of the weapon itself.
    The impulse recoil of the laser tag weapon is completely autonomous and does not depend on the battery that provides the work of the laser tag gun. That is, the tag rifle is equipped with 2 batteries that work in parallel.
    When a shot is fired, the weapon does not vibrate, but along the case there are directed impulses to the player’s shoulder. The frequency of the module on the new platform is 545 beats per minute with the possibility of adjustment. Increased recoil frequency, perfectly synchronized with the shot, will distinguish your club from competitors, impress the players and attract new visitors.

    3 sensors of the damage area in the case of the tag rifle for providing a fair condition of the game

    3 sensors of the damage area
    The only laser tag gun in the market of laser tag, which is equipped with 3 sensors – not only the front, but also additional, located on the sides of the weapon. This creates a weapon angle of 320 degrees, without dead zones and excludes the possibility of firing blindly by hiding the headband behind the shelter or by closing the sensor on the headband with your hand.

    A simultaneous wireless firmware upgrade of laser tag guns in 16 seconds

    Due to the new platform, you can remotely download a new firmware for 10 or more laser tag guns simultaneously by pressing one button. An upgrade will take no more than 16 seconds even for an unprepared person. A regular release of updated firmware extends the functionality of the equipment and allows you to implement new game scenarios, as well as correct the errors noted.
    A wireless headband firmware upgrade. To update a headband became 3 times easier and faster. The firmware is transferred to the headband through the infrared emitter of the laser tag gun in the service mode.

    Two-channel sound of the tag weapon – the realism of the game is enhanced

    The platform TAGNET achieved the ability to output two sound effects simultaneously. Now, with a high game density with a lot of events, you will no longer face the interrupting sound effects. Every shot, every order and event will be heard by the player.

    A feedback when you hit an opponent

    Shooting the opponent is the most interesting part of the lasertag game, so every player wants to know exactly whether he hit the target or not. And, if the enemy is at a distance of more than 80 meters, it is not always possible to reliably determine it with the light indicator on the bandage or the sound of your opponent’s rifle. Feedback with the shot solves this problem! The shooter’s tag rifle alerts us with a short signal that he has hit his opponent.

    Optimized Flash memory allows you to store twice as much information

    Optimized Flash memory
    By optimizing the algorithm for compressing and storing the information, it became possible to store even more information on the equipment: to record more sounds for different game modes, to store player statistics (statistics can be collected and saved even when the player leaves the coverage area of the Wi-Fi signal, until the instructor specifically makes a reset of information), create more complex game scenarios with a variety of events.
    Optimized flash memory is one more step towards the future functionality of the TAGNET platform , as modern technologies and implemented innovations require correctly optimized hardware and software.

    The battery life of laser tag weapons increased by 30%

    The battery life
    The batteries of the tag weapons running on TAGNET platform , ast up to 16 hours at maximum load (continuous shooting). This means that on average, one full charge will be enough for you 3 days for the rental, without additional recharging.
    Now you can spend even more games without being distracted by charging the battery. We did not use additional batteries and did not make any changes that could affect the weight of the laser tag gun . On the new platform, we succeeded in reducing the power consumption of the weapon by optimizing the algorithm of the electronics operation.

    A power button with the protection from accidental pressing

    To enable or disable the tag, it is necessary to hold the enclosed button on the case for 5 seconds. This technical solution makes the laser tag game more comfortable (now you will not get in a situation where the player accidentally turns off the tag rifle), and also significantly reduces the possibility of accidental switching on the weapon when transporting the equipment.

    An automatic shut down of the laser tag gun saves up to 50% of the battery charge

    There are situations when the instructor for some reason forgets to turn off the tag, which leads to an unplanned discharge of the battery, which becomes known immediately before the equipment rental. The automatic deactivation of the laser tag gun eliminates such situations. Now, when the bandage or the vest is disconnected the laser tag gun turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

    TAGNET software package – manage equipment, player emotions and business easily!

    The TAGNET platform will simplify the work of instructors and owners of laser tag business, help you to carry out dozens of games a day, laser tag tournaments of any complexity, and will automate the game process as much as possible and will help control the work of staff and the business.

    A mobile app for tablets and phones on Android
    Multifunctional and intuitive software

    The Android software is publicly available in the Play Store absolutely free. Developers are constantly working to improve the functionality and stability of the program and, when new releases out, the application installed from the Play Store is automatically updated to the latest version.

    Automatic start and stop play in a few clicks

    Automatic start and stop play
    On the new platform, the opportunities for optimizing the work of instructors are expanded – you can divide players in teams and run the game with the click of a button. With the help of a phone or computer, one instructor can start the game with several dozen players: use the option of delayed start and automatic completion of the game or pause the game, in case of a controversial situation, without losing the playing time. This means that for the organization of laser tag business you need a minimum number of working personnel, which will reduce your expense.

    The game statistics display in real time

    Game statistics are something that has always attracted millions of customers to lasertag clubs around the world. It will help to determine who is the most accurate shooter on your lasertag site and will show who currently claims on the title “the most accurate shooter” or “capitulant”. Hits are tracked, the records of shots made by the player and the number of points are scored. This parameter raises interest in the game, helps restore justice and resolve controversial issues between teams, encourage players to comment and convince the team to show more activity. Information about the game actions is displayed on the screen of the instructor, who watches the game.

    The game events chat

    The application installed on the phone or tablet allows the instructor and waiting players to monitor all actions that occur on the playing field. The events chat provides transparency of game events, which is especially important when carrying out laser tag tournaments, it provides useful information for the instructor, which can be used to resolve controversial situations between teams.

    Advanced hardware settings

    This is the possibility of a more “subtle” setting of the equipment in case the standard parameters are not enough. For example, you can set the time of shock and invulnerability from 0.1 seconds. Setting this parameter allows you to adjust to the scenario and adjust the complexity of the game. Depending on the duration of the shock and invulnerability, the wounded player may have time to escape from the enemy, or be completely deactivated by a burst of shots.

    The ability to share the results of the game in social networks

    The ability to share the results
    At the end of the game, participants can share their achievements with friends by uploading the results of the game to social networks (VK, FB). Or share the game results via Viber, Whatsapp or email. This will not only cause greater interest among visitors, but will also be an additional advertisement for your club. In the new version of the platform you can find a function that will distinguish your lasertag-club and warm up the interest of players – the ability to print the results of the game on a letterhead and give the results to players after the laser-fight. The results of the game are displayed in a special table, where each player is given jocular titles based on the results of his actions during the game. Players can discuss their results among themselves and share them with friends.

    WINDOWS Software
    Manage settings

    Now the preparation for the game takes a minimum of time – the instructor can set the game parameters for each individual player, and for the whole team or all players. This greatly simplifies its operation and allows to maintain more games.

    Advanced statistics

    Advanced statistics allow you to see both the team statistics, and the statistics of each individual player in the team. Each player, according to his achievements in the game, receives a certain title. For example, the most accurate player of the team gets the title of “Sniper”, and the player who deactivates the least number of opponents is awarded the title of “Humanist”.

    Monitoring the operation of equipment for the owner

    This module in the program is designed to make it easier for the owner to control the operation of his laser tag club. Now, by accessing this statistics module, you can track the date, time and duration of each set of games, thus, monitor the work of the staff – how many games, using what equipment the instructor has conducted for a certain period of time.

    Game scenario designer – create new games every day

    It is the scenario that makes the laser tag game exciting and intellectual. Using the “scenario designer”, you can create your own or modify an existing scenario according to your preference, set the conditions for the end of the game and customize the sets individually for a specific scenario. With this option, you can surprise your visitors, satisfy the requests of even the most sophisticated players and give a variety to regular customers.

    Compatibility with other manufacturers

    The equipment manufactured by is compatible with the equipment of all the manufacturers working on the protocol “miles tag 2”. This means that you can introduce a new standard laser tag in your club, even if you have the equipment from other manufacturers at the moment. Expand the possibilities of your laser tag business right now!

    Broadcasting on the TV screen – will involve in the game not only the participants, but also the audience!

    Often players in the laser tag come to the site not alone, but with a support group – friends or parents. To make the game interesting not only for the participants themselves, but also for the fans, we created a program that broadcasts real-time statistics and a chat of game events on the TV screen. The function of “TV-out” can be used both in the usual game and during tournaments. Due to this application, fans can follow all the events that occur on the playing field, and the participants themselves can quickly get acquainted with the intermediate results of the game.
    All these changes make the TAGNET platform as user-friendly as possible. We have come a really long way to develop, but we are not going to stop there. Every day our team will improve the technology to make the use of our devices as comfortable as possible for our customers.
    Do you want to be ahead of your competitors? A new standard of equipment is available now! Use the action “Choose your business “, order a set of equipment on the platform TAGNET and get accessories and additional equipment for FREE!
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