A story from our partner in Saudi Arabia

    People play laser tag almost all over the world. From small to large clubs, from space arenas to tactical training grounds.There are hundreds of examples of concept designs and thousands of successful business solutions that we want to share with you.
    An exchange of experience is very important for all entrepreneurs. It allows you to integrate effective ideas into your projects. Therefore, today we will talk about one of our new partners, their amusement park Diriyah Oasis in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.
    We met this company at the IAAPA Expo 2019 attraction fair in Paris, where we annually demonstrate our latest developments. The company has a large-scale amusement park and they hold a lot of different events there. Each of the events includes: sports competitions, music concerts, thematic workshops, amateur and professional tournaments.


    Our partners chose the Counter-Strike style as the concept design for the game. Freight containers, barrels, and tires were used for the arrangement. There is a car frame in the center of the site and a tower which you can climb. The size of the site is 600 m².
    The experience of building decorations for festivals came in handy. Our partner built the site independently, we only helped with the placement of power supply points.
    The style of the game zone created its own conditions. Stylized battles with references to Counter-Strike. For this theme we recommended a special equipment package: 24 outdoor laser tag sets: taggers, vests and NETRONIC helmets, laser tag grenades for each player, as well as a large set of scenario devices.
    The use of both vests and helmets increases the number of hit zones, and also allows you to activate the differential damage function, which makes the game more realistic.
    Our partner was in a hurry to get the equipment as quickly as possible in order to integrate laser tag into the program for the next festival – Diriyah Season. This large-scale event took place in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh. It accompanied a boxing championship, the stage of the Formula E race, tennis tournament, equestrian competition, music festiva, etc.
    To speed up the launch of such a large-scale project, we sent our specialist to Saudi Arabia. For 7 days he helped prepare our partner for the opening of the laser tag center.

    • Picked out a place for equipment storage.
    • Trained the staff to work with the equipment and software.
    • Trained the staff to conduct games.
    • Trained technicians to do minor repairs and maintain the equipment.
    • And even helped conduct the first pilot games.


    The game kits are used daily at the Diriyah Oasis amusement park. Laser tag has become the part of one of the thematic locations next to quest rooms, virtual reality attractions, and an arena for quadcopters.
    The project manager, Syed Abdul Qadir, claims that the residents and guests of Riyadh appreciated the laser tag games. Keep in mind, this is one of the most popular locations in the whole park!

    Our partner continues organizing exciting events in Saudi Arabia. These are 2 events per month, which are attended by an average of 2-3 thousand people.


    In January 2020, Syed Abdul Qadir contacted us to increase the number of game kits. This batch of equipment is intended for a new promising project: a large-scale laser tag club, the construction of which is coming soon.
    We discussed the concept of this laser tag center: the placement, area, design, pricing and other factors. Soon, Saudi Arabia will get the next supply of equipment, and you will have a new interesting story.


    We thank Syed Abdul Qadir for the information provided. The feedback from our partners is very important, because creating each device, we are guided by your feedback and wishes. This is the main component of the LASERTAG.NET equipment, which is impossible to go without.

    Thank you for telling us about the business development in your clubs. It helps to keep abreast of the laser tag industry and inspires us to achieve new goals!