2019 is coming to an end, this year was full of innovation. Let us look back on the results, and together remember everything that took place.

The new generation of the laser tag systems

2019 began with two major presentations of the new generations of arena and outdoor laser tag equipment.


The release of GALAXY made arena laser tag safer and more interesting. The game kits became fully adapted to the target audience of players – children.
The main innovations were:
  • Bright OLED display showing up to 30 gaming indicators;
  • Double illumination of the shots that creates space atmosphere in the dark mazes of the arena;
  • Armored cable that withstands any load;
  • Lightweight blaster with which it is comfortable to play even for children from ages of 5 years old and up;
  • Players statistics and a broadcast of the battle to a big screen.


NETRONIC is a reliable, high-impact, piece of aser tag equipment that allows you to play games on any terrain. NETRONIC’s external system has introduced revolutionary solutions for the laser tag industry:
  • Impulse simulation of recoil that allows you to feel every shot;
  • The lightest headband that is almost completely unnoticeable during the game;
  • An Android app for the ultimate gaming experience;
  • Game roles to create interesting scenarios;
  • Differential Damage Technology for even more realism.
The new NETRONIC laser tag system was presented live by Lasertag.Net’s co-founders. New opportunities caused great excitement among all laser tag lovers, including the owners of laser tag centers. Many of them updated the equipment under the modernization program for existing partners.
Being the creators of the equipment, we constantly keep in touch with our friends, the owners of laser tag centers, and players. Your recommendations and wishes helped us to bring the equipment and the software to a whole new level. Thank you for your concerns, and also for striving to improve the laser tag industry.

The evolution of laser tag equipment

The evolution of laser tag equipment
During the year, the equipment was actively refined and improved, thanks to this these functions were introduced:
  • Battle Royale mode – the main trend of 2019;
  • Arena Laser Tag Scenario Package;
  • 5 new autonomous headband modes;
  • Remote shutdown of all the game sets in one click;
  • Character Editor for creating unique characters.

Presentations and Exhibitions

Presentations and Exhibitions
More than 20 presentations and exhibitions were held in 2019, the largest were: the IAAPA, which was held in Paris, exhibitions in Seoul. Thanks to the active assistance of friends and partners, we were able to present the product at exhibitions around the world. Thank you so much for your dedication and faith in our product!

Lasertag.Net conquers new horizons

Lasertag.Net conquers new horizons
Over the past year, the laser tag centers with our equipment were opened in 48 countries, and the new ones are:


Saudi Arabia
Czech Republic
South Africa

Production modernization

Production modernization
Over 70% of our production and it’s capacity was modernized.
  • The initial control of the boards, after auto soldering, significantly increased the reliability and speed of assembly of the devices;
  • New equipment for aqua printing increased the quality of camouflage print on the body by 50%;
  • The installation of 3D printers made it possible to prepare for the release of new products.

From User to User

In order to convey to customers all our experience in opening laser tag centers, since the beginning of 2019, we have launched a package of services for opening a laser tag business. Our experts had a hand in opening more than 100 laser tag centers around the world.
Experts in the field of laser tag business provided comprehensive training from choosing a place and creating a 3D project o providing job descriptions for staff and launching a laser tag center.
Next year we plan to provide support on an even larger scale so that our customers receive a reliable basis for starting their laser tag business and to avoid making mistakes in the development process.

What will the year 2020 be like?

Next year we planned to launch many new products. The concepts of some you can check out at upcoming exhibitions and presentations. For all the fans of insiders, we are ready to reveal some secrets.
What will the year 2020 be like
A screenshot of a new application that will revolutionize the understanding of players about laser tag.
A fragment of a drawing of a new device.
A fragment of a drawing of a new device.
There is still a lot of work ahead, but we will do our best to get you started using the new products as quickly as possible.
The New Year is coming, a time of new developments, achievements, and technologies. We would like to say thank you for spending this year with us, together we are making the laser tag industry better. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s!