The SCORPION shock-band. Laser tag will never be the same!

Outdoor laser tag is a tactical team game in which players are armed with blasters that shoot infrared rays. It is generally believed that laser tag does not cause such a strong adrenaline rush like paintball or airsoft.
That was before…

We have created a device that will completely change your way of thinking about outdoor laser tag and change the industry once and for all. Meet the SCORPION shock-band!

The revolution that has already taken place

The shock-band works on the basis of an electrical muscle stimulator. It is attached to the arm or leg with a textile strap. The device transmits a short electrical impulse of adjustable power to the affected player. The compact size and light weight of 130 grams guarantee comfort even during a long game.

SCORPION has 5 modes: vibration and 4 levels of electric pulse power. Modes can be changed by pressing the power button on the bracelet.

How does it work?

  • An infrared ray hits the player;
  • The sensors in the blaster and headband (vest) capture the ray;
  • If all requirements are met (the player has health units), the blaster sends the shock-band information about the player’s hit;
  • The shock-band zaps the player with an electrical impulse.

All these operations occur in no time – the player receives a charge 0.04 seconds after the shot. An electrical impulse is transmitted to the body using special electrodes that are located on the inside of the bracelet.

shock-band in laser tag

Absolute safety

Our experts have done a great job to ensure that the device meets the high Lasertag.net quality standards. When creating a shock-band, we perfectly understood how important it is to ensure safety for all the players. Hundreds of days of hard work and thousands of hours of testing have led to the creation of a device that will meet all your expectations.

To confirm the safety standards, the technical characteristics of the device were evaluated by an independent testing laboratory.

SCORPION uses direct current micropulses. The protection of electronics at the hardware level completely eliminates incorrect operations.

Maximum reliability

Reliability is an unchanging attribute of the Lasertag.net equipment. The shock-band is resistant to falls, bumps and can withstand all the tests of daily games.

The body is made of polycarbonate, an impact resistant material that reliably protects internal electronics from mechanical damage. The belt is made of polyester, well established in the production of industrial and military workwear.

The design of the shock-band ensures the safety of the electronics from moisture and dust.

All day without recharging

The battery life of the shock-band is up to 10 hours (depending on the selected power mode). A full charge takes only 2 hours. Focus on the game, not on finding the nearest outlet!

At the epicenter of the game

The shock-band can be used with a NETRONIC headband or vest. Choose what is right for you!

SCORPION is compatible only with the current firmware version – 19.2 and higher. If you have not checked out all the advantages of the new NETRONIC firmware, it’s time to do it!

outdoor laser tag

Bring back thousands of lost customer

Now laser tag will be interesting not only to those who like to play without “consequences” from opponent’s hits, but also to thrill-seekers.

The new laser tag format with a shock-band will attract hundreds, thousands of new customers who previously preferred paintball or airsoft to your club. The same adrenaline from the fear of being hit, the same thrill when an opponent hits, but without bruising and spending money on paintballs.

Overwhelming emotions. The amazing realism of the battle

The SCORPION shock-band is a new round in the development of the laser tag industry. The device completely transforms the usual game, offering a completely different level of battle dynamics. Touch the future of laser tag today, testing the new product among the first!

Let the game begin!

Start of sales from March 2020. You can pre-order today by writing our managers an online chat or requesting a call.


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