The SCORPION shock-band is one of the most sensational novelties of the laser tag industry in 2020. It has been less than a month since the official release, but several myths have already developed around the new device. They have nothing to do with how things really are. Let’s talk about 5 most popular myths around the SCORPION shock-band together.


A shock-band scares visitors away, and discourages them from playing laser tag!

As practice has shown, the ability to physically feel a hit attracts laser tag players, especially an adult audience, as well as fans of paintball and airsoft. If you lose, you will experience a muscle contraction for less than 1 second, unlike paintball, where the spot of a hit can hurt from an hour to several days. After playing laser tag with a shock-band, you will not have any bruises, scratches, or other injuries that can discourage the desire to play.
Each player has their own physiological characteristics, and a different reaction to the shock of the bracelet, so we have provided 5 power levels, the first of which is vibration. This allows players to choose the optimal power for themselves, after which they can change the mode during the game. The player just needs to approach the instructor, the process will take a few seconds and will not require a pause during the session or to remove the game kit from the battle.
A shock-band is used to make the game more intense, rather than inflict physical damage. The device copes with its task as well as possible, a living testament of these words is presented in the compilation of the exhibition visitors reactions to our new product!


It is bad for the player’s health!

To understand that this is another myth just check the principle of the device.


When you are hit, the shock-band transmits a short electrical impulse to the body, which locally affects the muscle, causing it to contract. The impulse has nothing to do with the current from the shocker, the principle of action is most similar to the muscle stimulators that professional athletes actively use for training and recovery.


To guarantee the maximum level of player safety, the power of each impulse is additionally controlled at the level of the hardware! A special power-limiting module is installed in the shock-band, and so preventing any unwanted electrical discharge!

Let’s sum up

  • The current causes a short-term muscle contraction (less than 1 second), similar to a muscle stimulator.
  • Nothing to do with tasers: no bruises or burns.
  • The current does not pass through the whole body, but acts locally on the muscle.
  • The pulse power is controlled by software and a special module.

Thus: the SCORPION shock-band cannot injure a player or cause harm!


Using a shock-band is illegal!

An independent testing laboratory evaluated the technical characteristics and compliance of the SCORPION shock-band with technical regulations and general safety standards. This allows you to use it to organize laser tag games. For each product, we provide product passports, and we can also send a certificate of conformity. So you can safely conduct laser tag games using SCORPION. We recommend allowing the use of the shock-band to visitors over the age of 16 since the sensations that an adult player can tolerate normally might cause discomfort to the child.


For tactical laser tag only

The SCORPION shock-band is a universal device that is suitable for all types of laser tag.

Traditional laser tag

When conducting sessions in laser tag centers, SCORPION will allow you to launch a unique service, as well as attract more adult visitors to the game. With a shock-band a traditional game will play out with new colors and will deliver players emotions that they have not experienced before

Tactical or Military Laser Tag

Fans of the military laser tag strive to make battles as realistic as possible. They use laser tag weapons similar to combat weapons, and also put on hit sensors over military uniforms. A shock-band will make the game more like a real battle due to the physical sensation of hits.

Sports Laser Tag

When conducting laser tag tournaments, a shock-band will make the game more dynamic. Competitors will have to act faster, more agile and be more disciplined, putting more effort into not getting hit. In addition, the reaction of the players to the shock will make the hits more noticeable, both for judges and spectators.


A shock-band shocks if it is hit

During the game, the shock-band does not “capture” a hit, despite this, many players try to hide their hands behind their backs so as not to get deactivated. Such actions will not help in any way, since during the game the bracelet only transmits electrical impulses, while the hits are captured by headband, vest or sensors in the blaster body.

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