TV-OUT: the application for broadcasting laser tag game statistics

TV-OUT is a unique Android-application from, which allows you to display statistics and game progress on the big screen in real time. Statistics broadcast is available for GALAXY and NETRONIC game kits.


The benefits of using

  • The broadcast of the game attracts attention and arouses interest among visitors This will significantly increase the traffic of laser tag arenas located in shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Conducting a tournament, many use the TV as a scoreboard. Viewers will be able to follow statistics, game events, as well as actively support their favorites.
  • The real-time display of the battle progress encourages viewers to take part in the game. Based on the experience of our partners there are often situations when people who did not initially plan to play and actively watched the laser tag battle, joined the game after a few rounds.
  • Useful information for players and teams who are waiting in line. Statistics allow you to understand which players are leaders, as well as what style of game they have. This information will serve as the basis for building a strategy for the game.
  • Demonstration of statistics at the end of the session. After the game, you can display detailed statistics of all the participants in the session. This encourages visitors to return to your laser tag center again and again to exceed their results.


What do you need to broadcast statistics?

In order to broadcast the game on the big screen, you will need:

  1. The equipment from and a device with the Lasertag Operator or Lasertag Arena application. TV-OUT supports the applications for arena and outdoor laser tag (for Windows and Android operating systems).
  2. The Android set-top box with the installed TV-OUT application. It is connected to the TV to broadcast the game on the big screen. You can find the current version of the TV-OUT application on our website: link.
    Just download the APK file and install it by running the downloaded file. To connect the set-top box to the TV, use the HDMI cable that comes with the device.
    *The TV OUT software is pre-installed on the Smart TV set-top box, which is included in the complete set for starting a business.
  3. The larger the screen of the TV, the more attention it will attract. The set-top box is connected to the TV using the usual HDMI cable that comes with the kit.
  4. Configure the connection between the device for controlling laser tag equipment and the Smart TV set-top box with the TV-OUT application. It is very simple, the sequence of actions is described in detail in the next paragraph.


How to configure the connection between TV-OUT and the application?

  • Open the TV-OUT app and go to the settings menu. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner, after which a “gear” button will appear there. By clicking on it you will go to the settings menu.


  • Type in the IP address and port number in the settings menu:
    • to connect to the WIndows application: the data is located in the Lasertag Arena program in the TV OUT Server tab;
    • to connect to the Android application: the data is located in the Lasertag Operator program in the “Connection Settings” menu section.


  • Save the changes and click apply (green checkmark).
  • Connect the smart TV set-top box to the Wi-Fi network to which the control device and equipment for playing laser tag are connected.

Now, when the game starts, the broadcast will be displayed on the big screen to which the Smart TV set-top box is connected.

What is displayed in TV-OUT?

TV-OUT displays the broadcast of laser tag battles in real time. The screen displays:

  • the name of the scenario;
  • the event log;
  • timer;
  • personal statistics of players.


Personal statistics

The following data is displayed in the chart with the player’s indicators:

  1. The player’s name;
  2. Health units;
  3. The number of hits;
  4. The number of defeated opponents;
  5. Points earned.


The event log

The log displays the following game actions:

  1. Hits;
  2. Deactivations;
  3. Interactions with scenario devices.

Using the Arena application, you can change the format of statistics. In the main menu, you can change the chart style of statistics.

The chart displays more detailed personal statistics, as it indicates 10 game indicators, but you can’t follow the game event log. You can only change the display format of statistics at the end of the session.

The previous day statistics

At the end of the session, you can compare the performance of all teams, just select the tiled display of statistics and click on the “Last game” button. Game statistics heats up the interest of players, as well as arouses excitement.


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