Dear customers of the Company!
    We have prepared this video-briefing on laser tag game holding because being an owner of the laser tag centers we understand the importance of the safe game. We believe that laser tag is one of the most exciting kinds of active leisure that people enjoy more than any other ones.
    And we want all your games to be safe indeed. This video will help you to arrange your games much easier and will help your business as well.
    The safety measures are extremely important they allow avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings in a game. And we give you the tool that will ease your instructor’s work.
    Use following video in your laser tag center and you will easily and clearly convey game rules to your customers!
    We are sure that observing the rules mentioned in the video will allow you to be more satisfied and successful, and we will do our best to develop and adapt more materials of the kind for your needs.
    We wish all your games to be exciting and safe!