According to the statistics of our customers, most of them provide several options for entertainment. And for most laser tag centers paintball game is a regular service. Paintball, unlike the laser tag may be traumatic and that’s why it requires more serious players’ lead-up before the game itself.
    That’s why each paintball game must be started with giving the instructions. No matter how professional the client of your club is, you must give him/her instructions before letting into the game field.
    Giving instructions is your first communication with the players and it plays great role in forming the client’s impression about your club and the game you provide.
    To ease your and your instructors’ work we have prepared ready-made paintball video instruction. Just play it on for your clients before the game and the will enter the paintball field well-prepared on all safety measures.
    Use our video in your club and hold all your games without any ado!