Video-review of the FALCON – a laser tag gun with impulse recoil imitation

FALCON is a tagger, which within 5 years has managed to become a reliable basis for more than 1000 laser tag centers from all over the world. The unique capabilities of the tagger attract visitors, making them come back to you again and again.

Two modifications

The FALCON tagger is available in two versions:

  • FALCON F1 is a lightweight version with a shortened buttstock, which is suitable for younger players.
  • FALCON F2 is a tagger with a full-size buttstock, designed specifically for adult visitors of the laser tag center.

Impulse recoil imitation

FALCON contains an impulse recoil module, which creates impulses directed in the player’s shoulder synchronously with the shots. Realistic simulation of the weapon’s recoil causes a real delight among players of all ages.

Color IPS-display

The tagger is equipped with a color screen that allows players to monitor their game performance as well as round statistics in real time. The IPS technology provides wide viewing angles as well as high brightness, which is enough even for playing in sunny weather.


FALCON is a unique development of the LASERTAG.NET Company. The light weight (up to 1 kg), as well as the absence of sharp and protruding elements make it the most comfortable and safe for children.

The body made of impact-resistant ABS-plastic and fixing modules for each element of electronics allow the tagger to easily withstand blows, falls and other tests of the rental conditions.

10 guns in 1

With the help of the Lasertag Operator application you can adjust the damage, fire rate, weapon overheating and many other parameters. You can also choose a gun from over 10 ready-made weapons, including a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, handgun and others.

Do you want to add the FALCON to the arsenal of your laser tag center? Order a catalog and choose the most suitable modification of the tagger!