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Laser tag gun “Falcon” is Lasertag.net’s own development for outdoor and indoor laser tag.
The Falcon case was designed taking into account the rough rental conditions and is able to withstand the most extreme loads during operation. Moreover, the Falcon gaming kits are protected by a reliable electronics attachment system that provides the integrity of all built-in elements.
Below we will explain the main advantages that are presented in this video.

Impact-resistant case – is designed especially for rental

The case is made of durable ABS-plastic and is reinforced by stiffeners that makes the weapon extremely stable for any loads. Polyurethane fastening racks for inner parts, reduce the risk of their displacement and mechanical damage.

LCD-screen – 10 indicators simultaneously!

The player can see the quantity of his health points, injures received and inflicted right during the game process, that makes game more interesting and exciting. Service mode data help the instructor to prepare the equipment for usage much faster. Among these data are:
  • battery level of laser tag gun;
  • headband battery level;
  • game kit’s id;
  • Wi-Fi signal level.

Built-in hit sensors – fair game conditions are provided!

Three sensors are built into the front part of the case and in both sides as well, that excludes blind zones, that increases the game’s dynamic as player has to put more effort to not be injured by the opponent.

Impulse recoil – a magnet for visitors

Unlike the analogues designed on the basis of a vibration motor, shot from the laser tag gun is accompanied by a directional impact, which is felt not only in the handle, but also in the buttstock.
Due to the autonomous power system with a separate charge socket, the impulse response does not affect the operating time of the laser tag gun itself.

16 hours of autonomous operation – 3 days without charging!

Li-ion batteries provide 16-hours of autonomous operation with continuous series of shots. That means that on average one full charge will be enough for 3 days of rental usage without recharging.

Protective rubber tip

Rubber tip provides the additional protection for optic lens and for players as well – while bumping and falling. The bumper is produced in classic – black or colored that allows mark the teams.

Red dot sight

Players can fire accurately both with a fixed sights or an optical sight which can be mounted on the Picatinny rail on the top of the case. Falcon of any modification is equipped with a default mounting socket.