🌟 IAAPA 2023: Successes of NETRONIC and its Leading Product 🌟

IAAPA 2023 Recap: NETRONIC Shines at IAAPA 2023: Unveiling Industry-Leading Laser Tag and VR Solutions

We are very pleased to share the success of our participation at IAAPA 2023, which took place in Vienna, Austria from September 26 to 28. This event has helped us achieve significant success with potential clients, and we can't wait to share the exciting moments.

NETRONIC Takes the Spotlight

At the IAAPA 2023 exhibition, we saw that our product received well-deserved attention from both our regular and new potential customers. From the first day, visitors flocked to our stand in search of optimal solutions for laser tag and VR business. And here's the icing on the cake: most of the visitors who visited us returned the next day with more specific requests, choosing our product for their entertainment business.

🎯 What Our Customers Loved the Most:

  1. Patented Tagger Recoil: Our impulse recoil in taggers set us apart from the competition, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.
  2. Scorpion Equipment: A unique device that electrifies each game with a vivid sensory impact, making every hit feel as real as paintball.
  3. Lasertag Operator App: Take control of your arena operations with ease using our free Lasertag Operator app. Manage your business efficiently, all from your mobile device or tablet, thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced features.
  4. Durability and Reliability: Our products are built to last, ensuring reliability and longevity for your business.

Worldwide Interest: Visitors from Across the Globe

Our booth saw a diverse range of visitors on the first day, including familiar partners looking to expand their offerings and potential clients exploring our products for the first time. Representatives from various countries, including Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands, were keenly interested in our equipment.

🚀 Top Products of Interest:

  • Lasertag.net: Leading the charge in innovative laser tag equipment, offering lifelong business support from game set consulting to laser tag center promotion.
  • VION VR: Crafting immersive VR experiences with cutting-edge technology, pre-made scenarios, and VR software for VR arenas and prepared premises.
  • GALAXY: Elevate your mall arenas or separate premises with the GALAXY laser tag system. Realistic recoil, safety rule control, unique game modes, and mobile software for configuration and statistics await.

The second day was even more successful, with visitors from a broader spectrum of countries, including the Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Italy, North Macedonia, Norway, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, Iceland, Cyprus, Israel, Lithuania, France, the Netherlands, Iraq, and Denmark. Our product catalogs, especially GALAXY and VION VR, garnered significant interest, as did our QR codes.

🌎 Join Us at Upcoming Events: IAAPA in Orlando

If you missed the IAAPA exhibition in Vienna, don't worry! You can catch us at upcoming events, such as IAAPA in Orlando:

Premier Event:

  • EDUCATION: Nov. 13-16 | 2023
  • SHOW FLOOR: Nov. 14-17 | 2023
  • Location: Orlando, FL, US

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