What is laser tag?

Laser tag is a team game the purpose of which is to complete missions that can follow a story-line by hitting opponents or scenario devices with a blaster. The average number of teams that can take part in the game is 2-4 armed with game sets, there are also scenarios similar to “Battle Royale”, in which everyone fights for himself. Modern laser tag provides players with a choice of many modes similar to those used in computer games.

What does a laser tag game kit consist of?

There are special game kits used to play in the arena and outdoors. They consist of a blaster that shoots an infrared ray and accessories that record defeats (a vest or a headband).

The blaster is equipped with a bright color display that allows you to monitor:

  • Health units.
  • Shots.
  • The number of hits, and deactivations of opponents.
  • And other unique game mechanics and modes.

There are hit sensors on the vest or the headband. When hit they begin to vibrate and glow.

What types of laser tag exist?

Depending on the venue of the game there are three main types of laser tag:

Each of them has many differences in the game process, modes, the duration of one session, the target audience, and many other reasons.

What is indoor laser tag

Sessions are held in a dimly lit arena maze. In most cases, it is designed in such a way that the shootings take place at close range. Game scenarios are designed for 2-4 teams, each of them has bases where there are “First Aid Kits” for replenishing health units or respawn, and “Arsenals” for replenishing a blaster’s munitions are installed.

Indoor laser tag is very dynamic, so the session lasts 10-15 minutes (depending on the chosen scenario), between games there are several minutes to rest and prepare the strategy for the next round.

About 80% of laser tag visitors are children from 5 to 16 years old. That is why game kits, rules, and other aspects of the game are adapted to this audience.

What is outdoor laser tag

The games are held on large outdoor venues equipped with shelters, similar to those used for paintball or airsoft. Metal or wooden structures, different kinds of objects, and decorations can be used as shelters, for example, old cars.

Often, establishments specializing in several types of entertainment conduct games on the same sites, for example, laser tag with paintball or airsoft.

The game sites are arranged in such a way that the teams have bases (points of respawning and recovery), as well as different spots for shootings at close and long distances.

Compared to arena laser tag, outdoor laser tag is less dynamic or fast, but team tactics and shooting accuracy are very important here (especially when shooting at long distances).

What is mobile laser tag

The format of off-site entertainment. The games are held on the territory of the customer. If the terrain does not allow interesting laser tag battles, you can use inflatable shelters to arrange the site. During cold seasons many customers rent gyms and other facilities for laser tag tournaments.

Mobile laser tag is very similar to outdoor laser tag, as it is played with the same laser tag game-kits, and the sites have a similar arrangement of shelters.

How long does a game last

The duration of the game depends on the type of laser tag game.

The average game duration
1 hour2-3 hours2-4 hours
The average duration of a round (session)
10-15 minutes15-40 minutes15-40 minutes

What are the rules

What is laser tag etiquette

Each laser tag center sets its own safety and rules of conduct. Some basic rules of conduct are used in almost all the establishments, they prohibit:

  • Swinging a blaster.

  • Using offensive language.

  • Removing or covering the hit sensors.

  • Playing drunk.

  • Turning on/off the equipment without the instructor’s permission.

  • Breaking the script rules that are given before a session.

  • Physical contact with other players (push, grab a weapon, interfere with firing).

* The arena laser tag also prohibits running and lying down on the floor.


During the briefing, the administrator (instructor) explains how the laser tag game equipment works and how to interact with it.The rules for the following scenario are announced during the preparatory briefing.

The following aspects are clearly specified:

  • Players roles.
  • Parameters of the game sets (damage, number of health units, etc.).
  • Number of teams and sorting players.
  • The script features ( game mechanics, scenario device modes, etc.).
  • Victory conditions for one of the teams or players.

You can find a more detailed briefing in our material.

The victory conditions for one of the teams

There are a large number of scenarios in modern laser tag, thus there are many different conditions for ending the round.

The main conditions for a victory of one of the teams or players are:

  • End of the set time (winning in scoring);
  • Deactivation of all players on the opposing team;
  • Capturing the flag;
  • Achievement of a certain number of personal points;
  • Achievement of a certain number of team points;
  • Capturing the base;
  • and many others.

A variety of conditions for the end of the round allows laser tag centers to create a lot of different modes with an exciting plot.

Is there a dress code for laser tag?

  • Indoor laser

  • In the arena players don’t get dirty, so you can play in casual clothes. But due to the active nature of the game, people sweat, so it is recommended that visitors bring a change of clothes to the game, to change after the session.
  • Outdoor laser

  • Many people prefer to wear special clothes for the game so that they are not afraid to get dirty since most players prefer to lie down on the ground and disguise themselves using natural or artificial shelters.

You can see below the main recommendations for games with or without the uniform.

Playing without using a uniform

You can play indoor, outdoor and mobile laser tag without any special sportswear. It is important to simply consider the following aspects:

  • Comfortable shoes

    Laser tag is a game in which you have to constantly move and run, so it is important that the shoes are not too tight, that they do not hurt you, and that you can run around for several hours without any problems. We recommend wearing sneakers.

  • Loose clothes made of breathable materials

    Clothes should not constrain movements or interfere with your playing. It is recommended to wear a T-shirt made of breathable materials so that you do not overheat during the game.

Renting a game uniform

Many outdoor and mobile laser tag clubs provide the opportunity to rent special uniforms, camouflage clothing, and many other accessories that increase the realism of the game.
Special clothing allows you not to be afraid of getting dirty, and also ensures that you come back home in clean clothes!

Elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves can also be worn for protection. Renting a game uniform is not obligatory, but desirable, since with its help you can freely contact the ground and shelters.
Laser tag games are often held at paintball venues, so even if you don’t lie down on the ground, there is a risk of accidentally staining your clothes.

What should you remember while playing laser tag?

  • If you have problems or questions notify the instructor immediately

  • Take care of your equipment even though it can withstand heavy loads.

  • Laser tag is a team game, so you have to actively communicate with partners and help each other.

  • Follow the safety rules of the laser tag center!

  • Take water or soft drinks with you to hydrate between sessions. Many laser tag centers provide drinks for their visitors between gaming sessions, but it is better to be prepared and take yours.

  • Get enjoyment and unforgettable memories from laser tag and remember that it is only a game!

Now you are ready to play laser tag. We wish you many victories and great times from the battles, and also just have fun!

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tag!

Is laser tag painful?

Unlike paintball or airsoft, where the weapons shoot with balls and bullets, a laser tag blaster shoots with infrared rays, similar to those used in the TV remote control. So, playing laser tag is completely painless.

Who is interested in playing laser tag?

Due to the variety of scenarios of different difficulty levels, the game is interesting for both the youngest and oldest players.

How long does it take to learn how to play laser tag?

To start playing, it is enough to be instructed and play one trial round to practice.

What clothes to play in?

Wear clothes that are comfortable to play in. We recommend giving preference to loose clothing made of breathable material, as well as sports shoes, for comfortable movement.

At what age can I play laser tag?

There are no age restrictions in laser tag, but we recommend starting playing from 5-6 years old, since at this age the child will be able to go through the simplest scenarios and enjoy the game.