What is Laser Tag? Appreciate this amazing game!

Want to know what is laser tag? We have prepared a video, that will show you the game process in action so you can appreciate this amazing game with your own eyes!

Laser tag is a sport-military game, the confrontation of teams or single players armed with laser tag guns with infrared emitters and hit sensors built-in to the headband or the vest. The closest game – is the paintball, but the laser tag game is conducted on base of higher technological level.

Technical features of the laser tag equipment allow conducting “fire” contact at an average range of about 250 meters, and the hit sensors make all “was the opponent hit or wasn’t” disputes meaningless. If a player was shot – the laser tag equipment is deactivated and player have to go to the base.

Tricky plans of strategists, witty tactical decisions, sneaking subversive group, silent sniper ambushing – all these roles you can try on in the laser tag game. The hazard of attack, bitterness of defeat, weapon in your hands,  friend covering your back – that are emotions, that thousands of people come to the laser tag club for.
For some, it is an activity for the next weekend, and for others – a lifestyle.

Laser tag is absolutely safe for your health, since the optical gun emitters are certified and declared as safe for the players’ eyes, and there are no damaging elements like balls with paint or airsoft bullets at all. Therefore, there are lots of girls and children among the hot-tempered laser tag players.

Outdoor laser tag is a system that is used outside – in open air. It differs from the indoor game, by:

  • more powerful IR-emitter that efficiently increases shooting distance;
  • the absence of vest (in outdoor laser tag hit sensors are integrated into the headband).

In laser tag game can participate 2 or more teams. At first an instructor explains the basic game rules and takes each team to their base. There is special additional equipment on each base using which players can restore their lives and ammunition. As far as all participants are ready for game an instructor starts the game.

The game rules may differ depending on scenario and additional equipment that is used. The quantity of given lives, the effect that the tagging person will have on the tagged one, shooting distance and others are usually discussed and can be altered according to player’s levels, experience and game length.

There are lots of interesting scenario that may be applied in outdoor laser tag, the most popular among them are “Flag capturing” (where player have to capture the opponent’s flag, bring it to his own base and protect it), “Protect the VIP” (hide, conceal and defend the life of a very important person), “Base capturing” (aim is to attack and capture base of opponents while defending your own) and lots of other.

The outdoor laser tag game can be held on any locality: forests, camp sites, children’s camps construction sites, etc. Thus, players are free in their moves and actions, they can use real bunkers, and the game is getting much more interesting and close to the real battle.

Modern and perfectly designed equipment by Lasertag.net makes it clear that outdoor laser tag will be interesting not only for children, but also for grown-ups.