The GALAXY indoor laser tag game kit includes a vest and blaster that are interconnected via a cable. Many people ask themselves: “Why use a cable if you can support wireless communication like in an outdoor laser tag?”.
    GALAXY indoor laser tag game

    Lightweight blaster

    he target audience of the arena laser tag is children, so the game kit is adapted as much as possible even for the smallest players from 5 years old.
    A single battery is used to power the blaster and vest, which is located in the back module of the vest. Due to this, the blaster weighs 30% less, in comparison with the outdoor tagger. The location of the batteries in the back of the vest also reduces the load on the player. Lightweight blaster and optimal weight distribution allow children to spend more game sessions in a row without getting tired.

    Stable connection of the vest and blaster

    Laser tag arenas are often based in shopping and entertainment centers, where there are many sources of radio interference: security radios, alarms, and others. The cable connection is completely resistant to various kinds of interference, unlike radio modules. The signal transmission speed over the cable is higher, which is especially important for dynamic games in the arena laser tag, where every fraction of a second plays great role.

    Fewer chargers

    To charge the GALAXY arena game kit, you need a single charger, unlike with the outdoor one, where you need to separately charge the headband (vest) and tagger. A jack for charging both the vest and blaster is one of the features of the GALAXY game kit, since it is not really popular among arena laser tag manufacturers.

    Is the cable connection secure?

    Like all practitioners, we know firsthand how important it is that the blaster and vest are securely connected. The cable used in the GALAXY arena sets has a reinforced sheath – this makes it resistant to harshness, bending and other mechanical stresses. Reliability and wear-resistance of the cable is proved over years of active rent.

    Is it convenient for players?

    The presence of the cable does not interfere with playing. It has an optimal length, a smooth rubberized shell, due to which it does not cling to shelters, other players and does not interfere physically, allowing sharp game maneuvers.
    Throughout the long history of arena laser tag, the cable has become an integral element of the game kit. Not only does it significantly reduce the weight of the blaster, but also allows you to maintain a reliable high-speed connection between the vest and blaster. To find out about other features of our arena laser tag equipment of the GALAXY platform, follow the link: lasertag.net/blog/galaxy